Canaan Land Ministries, Autaugaville, Alabama

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Canaan Land Ministries Overview

Canaan Land Ministries, situated in Autaugaville, Alabama, is a faith-based residential treatment organization that provides care and treatment to men seeking treatment from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Founded in 1981, the ministry has been dedicated to providing quality care to individuals through Bible study, work duties, and individual counseling. With an affiliate program in Mapleton, Australia, the ministry provides direction with affection to men in recovery.
The treatment facility is non-denominational, non-profit, Christian home for male clients over the age of 18 seeking treatment. The facility typically offers an average duration of one year and some clients choose this treatment house instead of going to prison. The staff of the facility works closely with district attorneys, judges, and probation officers to help clients re-establish their lives. Referrals from pastors and friends are accepted and some clients even come from broken homes or drifters. The client specializes in helping clients battling alcohol, substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders.
Before any individual is admitted, clients must submit an application which is reviewed after which an in-person interview will be conducted. Individuals requiring detox services or with mental health diagnosis might not find Canaan Land Ministries to be a good fit, as the facility at this time does not provide support for dual diagnosis and treatment is offered on a case-by-case basis.
Once admitted into the residential program, clients are required to complete three bible study sessions daily and discussions on recovery following Christian principles take place. In addition to the bible study classes, clients participate in work duties for four to five hours daily. For therapy and counseling, the ministry offers four counselors with recovery coaching and religious counseling backgrounds to help provide counseling sessions to clients as needed. Clients can also benefit from support offered by alumni of the program as they work on campus providing peer support.
All residents at the ministry are required to attend chapel service twice a week and GED counseling is offered after clients have progressed in bible studies and work assignments. Clients seeking 12-step treatment modalities will not find support here.

Accommodation & Food

The treatment center offers a residential facility and a chapel on an 80-acre rural campus. The facility can only house 18 men at a time and on arrival, clients are assigned a room with a “senior student,” an individual currently in the later phases of care who will help provide a sort of mentorship and encouragement to the new resident. After completing the first month of treatment, the new residents can now be assigned a private room.
Use of electronic devices is prohibited within the facility and as such is categorized as contraband amongst other items. A common area fully equipped with a television set is available to clients on weekends. Clients are assigned daily chores which are regularly rotated and they range from laundry duties to cooking and food preparation assignments. During free time, clients can use the gym available on-site and play video games for recreation.

Treatment & Therapy

The facility offers multiple treatment and therapy programs to clients seeking faith-based residential care at the facility. Some of these are:

  • Treatment Options
  • Residential treatment

Residential Treatment

The residential treatment program offers treatment to men, 17 years and older seeking substance abuse services in a supervised environment. The treatment approach is evidently faith-based and intense counseling as well as, giving clients support, time, and space to recover completely and develop skills and knowledge on how to manage their diagnosis.
The following are conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Co-occurring disorders

Canaan Land Ministries Therapy Options

Canaan Land Ministries offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Bible study
  • Faith-based counseling
  • Recreation activities


Canaan Land Ministries has no charge except for application fee of $25. Clients are advised to contact the facility for more information on payment, insurance verification, admission, and more. Pledges and donations are accepted.

Canaan Land Ministries Advantages

Canaan Land Ministries offers a peaceful conducive environment for treatment and therapy. The population of the facility at a time is not a lot and as such, there is enough opportunity to get together and develop their relationship with each other and with Christ. Clients are encouraged to participate in various activities including recreational, chores and exercises. Family members and loved ones are allowed to visit church services.
Clients in the facility attend bible classes several times a week. The facility offers addiction recovery based on religious counseling. Clients seeking a facility that offers Inpatient the opportunity to build a relationship with mates and Christ will find Canaan Land Ministries to be a good choice.

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