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Sober Living America Overview

Sober Living America is now considered one of the best recovery programs that are offered within the United States, primarily due to their very unique approach toward ensuring that a patient can receive the help they need, and start living a REAL sober life while they are recovering. The center does not turn people away when they are unable to afford treatment, and their career development program is one of the best to be offered at any of the recovery centers in the local areas. Sober Living America has greatly expanded over the last few years and now provide facilities that can offer patients with effective sober living treatments in multiple states.

Sober Living America Housing

Full housing is offered to each and every patient who comes to Sober Living America, seeking a way to recover from their addictions and start to live a life that is sober and free of the harmful substances that are keeping them down in life. All of the housing facilities that are owned by the company are apartment buildings, where the company aims to develop communities for their patients to have a higher chance of successful recovery over the long term. Patients are charged a monthly rent fee to continue living in these buildings, but can come to the center even if they do not currently have an income, as the center will help them with career development and ensure they can find a job to pay for their rent, as well as care for themselves in terms of food, toiletries, and more.

Sober Living America Treatment Options

Sober Living America believes that every single person who comes to them deserves a chance to heal and recover in an environment where they will feel safe, and not be exposed to drugs, alcohol, or anything in particular that they might be addicted to. Treatment starts with placing the patient in an appropriate facility – these facilities are apartment buildings that house multiple patients in each of the units. This creates a feeling of being part of a community, allowing the patient to socialize with other members of the recovery programs that are offered by Sober Living America, while they are healing from their own addictions.

At Sober Living America, trained staff members are appointed to each of the facilities, where they will monitor patients in order to ensure that patients do not experience a relapse to a drug and alcohol filled life. Furthermore, there are staff members appointed to deliver additional services to the patients, such as:

  • Therapy sessions
  • Spiritual development sessions
  • Career development programs
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Relapse prevention programs

Patients are also given access to transportation when they reside at the facility, which ensures they can attend church, visit local shops to buy groceries and food, as well as give them the ability to visit other amenities in the local region when they are permitted to do so.

Sober Living America Therapies Provided

All patients will be provided with appropriate therapies in order to help them recover and target any particular problems that they may be experiencing with their mental health while they are residing at one of the buildings that Sober Living America owns.
There are different types of therapy services that are offered to the patients at these facilities, which may include:

  • Individual sessions with a licensed psychiatrist
  • Group therapy sessions with an experienced counselor
  • AA 12-step study sessions
  • Life skill development therapy sessions

Sober Living America Payment Options

Something that truly sets Sober Living America aside from the alternative options in the areas they serve is that the patient does not need access to funds in order to undergo treatment at any of the apartment buildings that the company owns. Instead, the patient is welcomed at the facility and will be placed in an open location on the same day that they come to the facility – the patient is then later on provided with career development classes and guided through the process of finding a career opportunity that they will love. Once placed in a position, the company will charge the patient either $800 per month or $1,890 per month, depending on the specific unit that they are placed under.

Sober Living America Licenses

Sober Living America does not share any of the licenses that they have obtained on their website and does not state whether CARF or any other organization that specializes in monitoring the services provided by addiction recovery centers have accredited them or not.

Sober Living America Amenities

The majority of the buildings that are owned by Sober Living America provide the patient access to a pool. Some of the facilities also provide additional amenities, but no specific information on a per-facility level is offered on the company’s official website. Any patient who would like to know more about the amenities at the facility that is near their location should pay them a visit to see the apartment building for themselves and talk to the admissions staff if they would like to learn more.

Sober Living America Staff

Sober Living America has no details on the staff members that are appointed to any of their facility available on the official website that represents the company. That’s why we can’t provide any information about the founder or the directors that make up the management team at Sober Living America. Patients can contact the facility if they would like to find out more about the staff members who are responsible for supervising patients, providing therapy sessions, and other staff members that will play a role when they are admitted to one of the sober living buildings.

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