Elk River Treatment Program, Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama, USA
500 Governors Dr. SW
Huntsville, AL, 35801

Elk River Treatment Program Overview

The Elk River Treatment Program is a facility that was established to help teenagers overcome some of the most common issues noticed among the younger generation. The treatment programs that have been developed by the professional staff members at the facility can help the patient overcome a large range of conditions, ranging from addictions to alcohol and drugs, to mental health issues and behavioral problems. The facility focuses on inpatient treatments to ensure the patient is not exposed to an environment that may aggravate their issues while they are being treated and supported through their recovery. An additional educational program offered at the facility also ensures all patients can keep up with their schoolwork while they are treated at Elk River Treatment Program.

Elk River Treatment Program Housing

Elk River Treatment Program owns a 120-acre land, where a variety of buildings and structures are located. The main facility where residential treatment programs are administered can house a relatively large number of patients at a time – no specific number is provided, but patients can inquire about the availability of space at the facility when they need to be admitted for treatment.
The facility is quite different from the average treatment center – camping mats are available, where patients will sleep in sleeping bags. They are also provided with a pillow. This creates a more adventurous feeling for the patients during their treatment. A cafeteria is also available, where meals and snacks are served during the day.

Elk River Treatment Program Treatment Options

Elk River Treatment Program has established different types of treatment options for their patients, and will usually customize a plan specifically for a patient in order to address all of the issues and symptoms that they present while they are being assessed prior to admission to the center.
The facility’s treatment options are divided into three main categories, which include:

  • Addictions
  • Behavioral problems
  • Mental health conditions

Elk River Treatment Program Therapies Provided

When a patient comes to Elk River Treatment Program for help with their addictions, behavioral problems, or perhaps the mental issues that they are suffering from, they will be provided various types of therapeutic services to assist in their recovery. One-on-one sessions are offered to all patients, along with equine therapy. There are also group sessions held at specific times.

Elk River Treatment Program Payment Options

Major insurance providers are accepted at Elk River Treatment Program to cover the cost of the patient’s bill. Should the patient not be insured, they will be responsible for paying their own bill – when an upfront cash payment is not possible, the patient may request financial services through a third-party private lender.

Elk River Treatment Program Accreditations

Parents will be happy to learn that the Elk River Treatment Program is a fully licensed and accredited facility, with all of their services appropriate reviewed by bodies in the United States to assure the quality of service provided to the teenagers who come to the center for treatment.
The facility has been accredited by the Joint Commission, and they have received an AdvancED SACS Accreditation for the educational programs that they offer teens who are admitted to one of the residential programs at the facility. Furthermore, the facility is also a member of several national associations, further adding to their credibility in the area of treating addictions and mental health issues among teenagers.

Elk River Treatment Program Amenities

Gear required by patients during their stay at the Elk River Treatment Program facility is provided. There are multiple amenities that patients can also take advantages of, such as basketball courts, and a pool. Furthermore, patients are provided access to hiking trails and adventures, gardening activities, and there is an option to include equine therapy in the patient’s treatment plan. All patients are also provided with three meals on a daily basis, as well as a variety of snacks throughout the day.

Elk River Treatment Program Staff

Elk River Treatment Program offers a comprehensive overview of their staff members on the official website that represents the company. This ensures parents with teens going through a difficult time can understand who will be taking care of their children should they decide to admit them to the center for treatment.
It is fortunate to learn that the staff members at the Elk River Treatment Program are appropriately licensed and certified, ensuring every teenager who will be going through a treatment program at the facility will be cared for by highly trained and experienced professionals.

Karen Lee – Founder, CEO, and President

Karen is currently acting as the Chair of Board at Elk River Treatment Program’s parent company, Pinnacle Behavioral Health, Inc. She has a Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesiology.

Charles Lee (MD) – Staff Physician

Charles Lee is a graduate from the LSU Medical School. He has a Doctor of Medicine degree, and he is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

Albert L. Sprinkle (MD) – Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist

Albert is certified as a Clinical Psychiatrist and a graduate from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. He is also certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, as well as the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Mason Robertson (MD) – Staff Physician

Mason is a graduate from the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. He also completed his residency at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, specializing in Anesthesiology. Mason also serves as a Diplomat on the American Board of Anesthesiology.

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