East Alabama Mental Health Center, Opelika, Alabama

Headland, Alabama, USA
2506 Lambert Dr
Opelika, AL, 36801

East Alabama Mental Health Center Overview

East Alabama Mental Health Center is a facility that primarily specializes in the treatment of patients who are experiencing addictions along with co-occurring disorders. While most of the rehabilitation centers tend to specialize in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, it does seem like this particular center takes a different approach by rather focusing mainly on the co-occurring disorders, such as depression or perhaps anxiety, and then implement additional services that will ultimately help the patient cope with their addictions as well.
The company currently focuses on providing their treatment services to patients in four counties, including the Lee County, Russell County, Tallapoosa County, and the Chambers County. It does seem like the company is currently only serving patients who reside in one of these counties, and those patients who come from other counties will be referred to an appropriate rehabilitation center in their local area.

East Alabama Mental Health Center Housing

East Alabama Mental Health Center does not provide their patients access to residential care services, which mean accommodation during treatment is the responsibility of the patient. While every patient who is admitted to a treatment program at the facility will need to undergo several sessions with their appointed therapist at specific times, the patient will need access to accommodation in the local area – which will not be provided by the facility, but rather by the patient themselves.

East Alabama Mental Health Center Treatment Options

East Alabama Mental Health Center focuses on providing treatment to those patients who are in need of services that can address both their addictions and their mental disorders at the same time. The specific services that will be made available to a patient depend on the findings that an admissions counselor makes during the initial assessment with the patient. The specific treatment options that the counselor may decide to include in the patient’s program include:

  • Mental illness treatment programs
  • Addiction recovery treatment programs
  • Family & children’s services
  • Intellectual disability treatment services
  • Case management services
  • Prevention services for adolescents and young adults

East Alabama Mental Health Center Therapies Provided

The professional counselors employed at the East Alabama Mental Health Center provide patients with access to individual counseling sessions. During these sessions, the patient’s root problems that initially led to the addictions will be addressed. Family counseling sessions can also be utilized to help recover lost bonds among families who are struggling with the effects of addiction. Patients will also gain access to group counseling programs.

East Alabama Mental Health Center Payment Options

Billing at the Alabama Mental Health Center is based on a sliding-scale system that the organization has developed. With this in mind, patients should understand that the amount that they will need to pay for the services rendered to them depends on their current income and expenses.

East Alabama Mental Health Center Accreditations

It does seem like the East Alabama Mental Health Center is a licensed an accredited institution for patients to receive treatment for their addictions. We found that the facility has been licensed with the department of mental health in Alabama. They are also affiliated with a number of third-party organizations. Patients can find out more about the credentials of the facility by contacting the facility directly – the administrative staff members employed at the East Alabama Mental Health Center will be able to answer any questions in terms of credentials that the patient may have.

East Alabama Mental Health Center Amenities

While the East Alabama Mental Health Center does seem to focus on helping the patient recover from their addictions, there are no residential programs offered – this means that patients should not expect an impressive number of amenities from the center as the primary purpose of their visits to the facility is to undergo therapeutic sessions and to gain access to other services that form part of their treatment program.

East Alabama Mental Health Center Staff

When a patient is interested in undergoing treatment for their addictions and recovering, with the purpose of becoming sober, they would often take a look at the staff members available at the facilities that they are interested in utilizing for their recovery. When then staff members at the particular facility hold appropriate credentials, which would include both experience and their particular qualifications, the patient would know that they will be provided therapeutic solutions and other treatment options by appropriate staff members.
After we have taken a look at the official website that represents the East Alabama Mental Health Center, we found that the organization has not provided such information to help patients become at least a little acquainted with the treatment staff they would likely be presented with should they choose to be treated by the facility. Details of the leadership team, however, have been shared on their official website – but these details are also very limited, only including the name and surname of the upper management staff.
Since limited data is available on the official website that represents the East Alabama Mental Health Center, patients are advised to contact the facility if they want to learn more about the medical staff members and the psychiatrists who are involved in the treatment programs offered at the center.

  • Jamie Herren – Executive Director
  • Vanita Bonner – Human Resources Director
  • Jimmie Dickey – Director of Business Support & Clinical Operations
  • Merideth Klapetkova – Director of Behavioral Programming
  • Stephanie McClaney – Director of Case Management Services

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