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The Aurora Behavioral Health System stretches out to two different locations in Arizona to provide rehabilitation for substance use and co-occurring disorders. The two locations in Glendale and Tempe, respectively, offer the same treatment modalities, with Glendale having a greater inpatient capacity than the Tempe location.

The Aurora Difference

The Aurora Behavioral Health Systems continuum of care includes short-term inpatient residential treatment, as well as detox facilities and outpatient services. The Glendale site has a capacity to hold almost 100 residents at any one time. The Tempe site has only about 75 spaces for inpatient residents.

Most inpatient stays last for only about 8-10 days, not including time allowed for detox, which can range from anywhere between 3-5 days. Patients share spaces in double-occupancy rooms, with each room containing two single beds and the bare minimum of furnishings.

The bare, stripped-down accommodations at both Glendale and Tempe should not surprise anyone. Aurora Behavioral Health is a psychiatric hospital after all, so their primary focus is on treatment and not trying to make you feel at home.

With that said, however, the Glendale campus does offer inpatient residents recreational facilities like an outdoor pool and basketball court. The rest of the facility is also in keeping with its spartan, no-frills approach to treatment.

Finding the Right Path

Assessments are the first step of being admitted into Aurora Behavioral Health. Intake coordinators and evaluation teams carefully note your medical and psychiatric history and depending on what they find may admit you into the hospital or refer you to other treatment possibilities.

People admitted into the inpatient residential program can expect a full day’s worth of therapy options. All treatment plans cater to a resident’s specific clinical needs, but some of the options for treatment include one-on-one counseling with a psychiatrist.

There is also the possibility of individual and group therapy sessions with a drug addiction counselor. All these evidence-based treatments go a long way in terms of giving patients new skills.

Coping mechanisms as well as proper ways to express emotions that they perhaps did not have before all have a role to play in achieving long-lasting sobriety. Other recovery goals, like impulse control and learning relapse prevention skills, form part of the treatment plans for most inpatient residents.

For the patients that might most benefit from them, medication assisted treatment is also on offer as a treatment option. Residents can also benefit from more holistic therapies that try to increase their self-esteem and teach how to communicate more effectively.

Alternative therapies available at Aurora Behavioral Health include yoga and meditation classes, as well as art and music therapy. All of these treatment options take place during inpatient stays, but can also continue during the outpatient phase of treatment.

After the End

Most inpatient stays are short-term since the ultimate goal is to transition residents to outpatient programs and ultimately back to their regular lives. The inpatient and outpatient programs take not only adults but young people as well.

And at the other end, senior citizens experiencing substance abuse and mental health disorders can also enter either the inpatient or outpatient program at Aurora Behavioral Health. There is even a program specially designed for veterans experiencing addiction and mental health difficulties.

Aurora Behavioral Health Systems has two locations in Arizona to provide care and treatment to people of all ages suffering from substance abuse and mental health problems. It is above all a hospital and people who are thinking about going there should remember that.

They do soften their edge somewhat by providing recreational facilities for downtime. Aurora Behavioral Health’s main focus is on helping you get better.

Price for 30 days at Aurora Behavioral Health Systems Arizona: $30,000

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