In Balance Ranch Academy, Huachuca City, Arizona

Tombstone main street
3331 Inbalance Ranch Rd
Huachuca City, AZ, 85616

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In Balance Ranch Academy Overview

In Balance Ranch Academy was originally founded to provide teenagers with substance abuse disorders a range of outpatient addiction rehabilitation services, but was later expanded to provide residential care services as the founders of the company realized that such an approach yielded better results in terms of recovery. The ranch-like treatment center is located in a small town known as Tombstone, situated in Arizona, and only serves adolescents aged from 14 and 17.
The center is now able to provide a large range of treatment solutions to its patients, customized to their needs to help them succeed and grow up into a more successful young adult. In addition to their residential and outpatient treatment services for addictions, the center is also able to address co-occurring disorders that the patient might be experiencing at the same time.

In Balance Ranch Academy Housing

In Balance Ranch Academy has a relatively large facility that is housed on a large 125 acres property. The entire facility was designed to feature a ranch-like style, providing the patient with a comfortable, safe, and adventurous environment where they can undergo appropriate treatment that can address their addictions. Even though the facility is quite large, it should be noted that In Balance Ranch Academy believes that every patient needs individualized care, which is why they only provide treatment for up to 45 teens at a time. Shared bedrooms are available and fitted with bunk beds, as well as twin beds.

In Balance Ranch Academy Treatment Options

What sets In Balance Ranch Academy aside from many other treatment facilities that specialize in helping adolescents recover is the fact that they combine equine therapy with a 12-step recovery program, and they offer the patient access to academic programs to ensure they can still complete high school during their time at the ranch.
Treatment options that are available to patients include:

  • 12-step recovery program
  • Single-gender treatment for male adolescents
  • Residential care
  • Intensive outpatient services
  • Family educational programs

In Balance Ranch Academy Therapies Provided

A range of therapeutic services is offered to every patient who is treated at In Balance Ranch Academy, regardless of the specific program they are admitted to (outpatient or residential). The patient will be able to undergo multiple therapy sessions each week to help them stay on the right to recovery and ensure long-term sobriety. The therapy options offered at In Balance Ranch Academy include:

  • Equine therapy
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions

In Balance Ranch Academy Payment Options

In Balance Ranch Academy is an affordable facility where patients are given access to a range of services, from addiction treatment solutions toward academic programs that ensure they do not miss out on school while they are being treated. The facility accepts a large number of health insurance providers, including some of the federally-funded programs in the United States, such as Medicare. Patients do need to contact the center to verify the benefits provided by their insurance program before they can be admitted to either an inpatient or residential program at In Balance Ranch Academy.

In Balance Ranch Academy Accreditations

While no details are provided in terms of licenses that are held by In Balance Ranch Academy, the facility’s official website does state that they have been accredited by the Joint Commission, a national body in the United States that focuses on ensuring rehabilitation centers in the country can provide their patients with effective services that support them during their journey to a sober lifestyle.

In Balance Ranch Academy Amenities

Due to the large environment where the facility is located on, patients are given access to different amenities that will help them through their journey toward recovery and sobriety. All bedrooms provide patients access to closet space, as well as additional storage space. The facility features an antique interior decor.
Patients are provided with whole-food meals daily, and no processed foods are used in the preparation of these meals. Snacks are also offered to patients when they are watching a movie, and the patient is allowed to have additional meals at restaurants on days where an outing is offered to them.

In Balance Ranch Academy Staff

To ensure every patient that comes to In Balance Ranch Academy, along with their parents and guardians, can be rest assured that they will be taken good care of, the company has released a full list of the staff members that are involved at the facility on their official website. Patients are provided an overview of the founders, clinical team, and all of the other staff members that they will meet during their stay at the ranch.

Patrick Barrasso (LCSW) – CEO & Co-Founder

Patrick Barrasso has more than two decades experience in the treatment of addiction and behavioral problems. He is a licensed psychotherapist and strongly believes in the Positive Peer Culture treatment model.

Betsy Barrasso – Admissions Officer & Co-Founder

Betsy Barrasso co-founded the facility with her husband and held more than a decade of experience in various legal fields.

Shannon Petrovich (LCSW, LISAC) – Clinical Consultant

Shannon is experienced in dealing with addictions among the youth, as well as the family issues such substance abuse disorders tend to produce.

Sarah Ochoa (LPC). – Clinical Director

Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and she is a Licensed Counselor. She has over 16 years’ worth of experience in her field and has provided her services in a range of addiction treatment fields.

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