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Ebony House Overview

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Ebony House is a substance abuse facility that offers outpatient and residential treatment to clients with substance abuse and chemical dependency issues. Founded in 1973 by C.T. Black Wally, Elbertzena Fontenot, and James Johnson, the facility began as a local center to treat substance abuse in the African-American community and later evolved into a treatment center for all ethnicities and races. As the founding fathers were three recovering alcoholics, the facility understands the importance of addiction and its repercussions. Women, men, and adolescents can benefit from the inpatient and outpatient recovery services offered.
The average duration of stay for clients in the residential treatment program is 90 days but could be longer depending on the progress of the patient. A typical day at the facility starts with an early morning meditation exercise followed by breakfast. After which, clients are required to participate in group therapy sessions grounded in evidence-based treatment approaches such as 12-step. Group sessions are generally intimate as the facility only admits a small number of clients at a time. Due to the low client load, clients are able to feel safe and heard during group sessions. Clients are also required to attend individual therapy once weekly with their assigned counselor. Narcotics and alcoholics anonymous meetings hold almost every day on-site at 7 pm. On days when 12-step meetings are not offered at the facility, clients are required to attend off-site meetings with the supervision of a counselor.
Clients who have a doctor or legal appointment are provided with transportation to and from such appointments. The staff team at the facility consists of a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, a counselor, and many more. At this time, the facility does not offer detox services to clients and those in need of such care are referred to a nearby facility.
After completion of a primary program, clients are given an aftercare plan to encourage a continuum of care. This aftercare plan may include sober living home arrangements or outpatient treatment.

Accommodation And Food

The facility offers gender-specific residences to men and women registered in the inpatient program. During treatment, men and women are kept apart and treated separately. The male clients are housed in a 14-bed facility with each bedroom coming with twin beds and basic furnishing. Two clients are expected to share a room upon arrival. The building serves as a housing complex for clients registered at the facility and it is located in South Phoenix.
Group activities and sessions are held inside the residential facility and all clients are entitled to three meals daily. Dietary restrictions may be taken into consideration if it is very important. Female clients are houses in a similar fashion but in a 10-bed facility. Women with children are taken into consideration when patients are being admitted.

Treatment & Therapy

Ebony House offers multiple treatment and therapy services to clients with substance abuse disorders. Some of these are:

  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient treatment

Residential Treatment

The facility offers residential treatment to both male and female clients in separate facilities. The duration of stay in each program is largely dependent on the progress of the patient. The facility offers comprehensive, monitored, and structured treatment to individuals registered in the residential treatment program.
The following conditions treated at the facility are listed below:

  • Substance abuse issues
  • Co-occurring disorders

Ebony House Therapy Options

Ebony House offers various therapy options to clients seeking treatment for substance abuse disorders, which includes:

  • 12-step meetings
  • Addiction education
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Coping skills
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy


Ebony House costs vary depending on the treatment program a client is registered into. The cost for treatment varies from $3,000 to $6,000 depending on the type of treatment and level of care a client requires. The facility accepts most insurance plans and will file for Access Insurance benefits for clients registered in the program. For more clarity and information, clients are encouraged to contact Ebony House.


The facility is licensed under the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Department of Economic Security.

Ebony House Advantages

Although the facility is not classified under luxury rehabilitation centers, they do offer recreational activities to clients registered at the facility. Clients are allowed to visit the LA Fitness gym multiple times a week for exercise. The facility also participates in local community events such as Martin Luther King Jr. day celebration. The facility also offers outpatient treatment services to adolescents and adults in addition to its residential treatment program.
The treatment facility offers multiple treatment programs to individuals and is a reputable and well-established institution. With a low cost and quality treatment offered, clients can gain treatment at a facility dedicated to helping clients find long-term recovery.

Ebony House Staff

Board of directors:

  • Gene C. Blue – Chairman
  • Michael E. Neal – Vice Chairman
  • Charles Hayes – Treasurer

Management Staff:

  • William Freeman – President/CEO
  • Tracie Armstead-Payton – Human Resources Director/Quality Assurance Manager
  • E. Douglass Brown, PhD – Clinical Director
  • Toni Buggs -Program Director, Women’s and Men’s Residential/Adult Outpatient
  • Dora Jackson – Program Director, Youth and Young Adult Services
  • Angelica Lindsey-Ali – Program Director, Parent Aide
  • Edwin Perez, MD – Medical Director
  • Calicia White – Program Director, Outreach HIV Services

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