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Terros Health is a community oriented health care network in Phoenix, Arizona which was started as a small agency in 1969 to help people struggling with addiction. Its services cover more than addiction, yet it is one of the best rehabs due to its community outreach and focus on helping as many people as it can with its large outpatient network. Its mission is to provide support and education for its patients in order to encourage sobriety, healthy choices and to prevent relapses. Terros emphasizes peer support in several programs by heavily integrating group counseling sessions.

Terros Health Rehab Treatment, Programs, and Staff

Terros Health offers many services including Addiction/Mental Health Treatment, Family Services, Inpatient Residency, Crisis Services, and even primary medical care. Their flagship programs are known as the LADDER and the STAR. The LADDER program stands for Life affirming, Dual Diagnosis, Education and Recovery. It is the main program for all patients going through Terros for the first time. It includes counseling and peer support on a group and individual basis. The STAR program stands for “steps towards Addictive Recovery” and is an alcohol and drug abuse recovery option for people who have reached their goal of sobriety but need extra support to maintain it while transitioning to their new life. It is a peer group support structure to encourage healthy lifestyles, smart decisions and coping with personal challenges.

Terros offers both outpatient support for members who have graduated from the LADDER or the STAR programs. The residential addiction treatment option for men is called Maverick House Sober Living. There is outpatient supervised detox available, but patients enrolling in the inpatient Maverick House program must arrive sober.

Residents of the Maverick House will enjoy a positive, healthy, substance-free environment to help them transition to sobriety. All residents participate in the 12 step program and receive additional support from staff in performing job searches and enrolling in various social services. There are group and individual counseling sessions for a personalized touch to treatment. There are three phases that each resident goes through, in this program. The first phase lasts one month, the second lasts two months, and the third can vary but will be no longer than one year.

Terros Health keeps a remarkable staff including Prevention Specialists, Counselors, Therapists, Case Managers, Nurses Clinicians. These professionals use a variety of proven addiction recovery techniques such as DBT, CBT and ACT strategies in a clinical setting. Terros Health also contributes to community growth by hosts fantastic Internship and Residency programs to help fresh medical graduates to develop their careers in Addiction medicine while helping patients in need.


Terros Health Rehab: Facilities and Extras

The treatment facilities are distributed all around Arizona with the Administration located on Central Avenue in Phoenix and the Maverick House with its inpatient residents living in Glendale. You can find one of their local rehabs for outpatient treatment in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe or Tucson.

Rules and Regulations in Terros Health Rehab

During Phase One, there is a 5 pm curfew enforced at the Maverick House and AA participation is monitored and enforced. During Phase Two, residents are required to be making progress in their job search and are responsible for writing a Goals Plan and meeting its targets. Curfew is extended to 10 pm during Phase Two. Phase Three removes all of these regulations, as residents transition to a state of personal responsibility.

Terros Health Rehab Review Summary, Main Complaints

Terros Health is a great force for good in the Arizona community helping over 11,000 patients a year through its outpatient centers. Inpatient services are limited, so it you need highly supervised detoxification or a more hands-on individualized treatment plan, you may want to consider other centers. Terros is great for people who are on their way to sobriety and just need the extra support from an experience network of peers and professionals.

Scheduling an appointment is easy, just call the Administrative location to find which facility is right for your needs. Most major coverage plans are accepted including AHCCCS plans. Call Terros Health to verify that your plan is included. Customer support is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Terros can assist spanish speaking patients, as well.

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