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Ozark Guidance Overview

Ozark Guidance is an organization that offers a network of facilities throughout the Northwest Arkansas region to assist in the treatment and rehabilitation of different types of mental conditions. The treatment options offered by these facilities are all based on outpatient programs and can be utilized to treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions, ranging from common mental disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression disorders, toward addictions to drugs, as well as alcohol.
The network was founded in 1970, with the original facility providing the outpatient services being the one that is located in Springdale. Since the foundation of the Ozark Guidance network, the group has established five other facilities providing treatment services toward a large area in Northern Arkansas.

Housing at Ozark Guidance

Ozark Guidance is not a treatment facility that offers residential services to patients with more serious mental health issues. Instead, the entire network is dedicated to providing affordable access to outpatient services that require patients to come in for treatment at dedicated times, based on the availability of therapists and other medical staff at the facility where the patient will receive their treatment.
Day treatment campuses are available, which enables the patient to undergo a range of different treatment services, including therapy and counseling while being monitored at the facility. No housing is provided to patients, however, as the patient would leave for home at the end of the day.

Treatment Options at Ozark Guidance

Ozark Guidance has developed a range of different outpatient treatment programs and services that help the patients who are in need of their professional care recover from different types of mental illnesses, as well as conditions like substance abuse and addiction.
The facilities that provide these services under the supervision of the Ozark Guidance management team has divided all of the treatments offered into four main categories, in order to better assess the patient’s needs and assign them to a program that will be appropriate for the issues they are facing.

Adult Services – The services tailored toward adult patients varies, depending on what conditions the patient is suffering from. What makes Ozark Guidance very unique is that they do not only assist those with serious mental illnesses but can also provide therapy and other solutions to patients who simply find it difficult to deal with the stress they need to handle on a day-to-day basis. Patients who find that they are unable to cope with substance abuse matters can also turn to these facilities, as specialized addiction recovery programs are also available.

Child Services – A number of services and treatment programs have also been developed by Ozark Guidance to target specific mental health issues that children may experience. The facilities offer an early childhood program that helps to prepare a child for life and reduces their risks of developing any serious mental health issues later in life. A variety of outpatient and therapeutic day treatment options are also available for children.

Payment Options at Ozark Guidance

No detailed information is available in regards to how much patients should expect to pay when they utilize the outpatient programs that are offered at any of the facilities owned and operated by Ozark Guidance. Patients should be advised that these are some of the more affordable options out there, however. While the majority of facilities that offer similar rehabilitation services tend to charge thousands of dollars, patients can expect to pay an average of $600 for the outpatient services provided, which would offer them 30 days of access to the treatment services provided at the facility that is closest to them.


Ozark Guidance is fully accredited by a non-profit organization known as CARF, or also called the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The facility monitors treatment institutes in the United States and only awards accreditation to those who provide quality and supportive care.

Amenities at Ozark Guidance

Ozark Guidance is an outpatient treatment center but does offer a day treatment facility that some patients are able to utilize. The network has six different facilities that patients can utilize, ensuring that patients are able to find a location that is relatively close to them if they reside in the Northwest Arkansas region of the U.S. Furthermore, patients are also able to gain access to services such as medication management and licensed counselors when they opt for the treatment services provided by the Ozark Guidance network.


Dr. Laura Tyler

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Laura Tyler has been with Ozark Guidance since 1983. She has a doctoral degree, which she obtained from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Laura Tyler is also an experienced and Licensed Professional Counselor. She has worked in a large number of behavioral health services in the past.

Justin B. Hunt (MD)

Chief Medical Officer

Part of the executive team at Ozark Guidance, Justin is a board-certified psychiatrist. He has three different degrees, including a Doctor of Medicine degree, and a Master of Science in health care research.

Travis Jenkins (MD)

Chief Medical Officer Emeritus

Travis is a Board Certified psychiatrist and holds a license from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He also holds an affiliation with the American College of Physician Executives and the American Psychiatric Association, as well as the Arkansas Psychiatric Society.

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