Hope House, Anaheim, California

Residential area of Anaheim, California
714 North Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA, 92805

Hope House Overview

Hope House is a facility that specializes in the treatment of both drug and alcohol addictions, with a strong focus on isolating the patient from family and friends for the first few days of their treatment program. The facility was founded in 1976 and sits in Anaheim, California. Patients throughout the entire Orange County are welcomed to undergo treatment at the facility. The goal here is to provide patients access to effective treatment protocols, but still be an affordable center that allows more people to undergo the treatment services that they need to recover from the addictions they are suffering from.
While the facility originally provided patients with confrontational therapeutic options, they have changed their approach to the treatment of substance abuse disorders over the years, and now offers a range of options, including a dual-diagnosis program.

Hope House Housing

Hope House is currently able to provide accommodation for up to 40 patients in total. Patients should expect to stay in a room with up to four each when they first enter the facility. As they progress through treatment, they might be moved to a room with fewer patients. Bunk beds are fitted in each of the rooms at the facility.

Hope House Treatment Options

Hope House primarily focuses on the treatment of patients who are suffering from an addiction to either alcohol or drugs, but the facility does have a selected dual diagnosis program available. Some patients may qualify for this program, allowing them to be treated for depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders while they are recovering from their addictions.
The majority of patients helped at Hope House are male. Patients need to be older than 18 years and should note that they cannot work or attend school while they are recovering.
The following types of patients can be assisted at Hope House:

  • Self-committed
  • Court ordered
  • Proposition 36 referred
  • Drug court referred
  • Probation referred
  • Parole referred

Since no detox services are offered to patients who come to Hope House, it is important for patients to note that they already have to be sober for a few days if they wish to be treated at this facility.

Hope House Therapies Provided

While Hope House does not employ any nurses or medical doctors, the facility does have licensed psychiatrists experienced in dealing with patients struggling with addictions. These psychiatrists are able to provide patients with one-on-one counseling services. There are also group meetings held at the facility that exclusively serves those patients being treated at Hope House.

Hope House Payment Options

Hope House utilizes a sliding-scale fee structure that allows them to bill each patient according to their income and expenses. Generally, the company will ask the patient to provide them with proof of income. A dedicated financial consultant will consider about 75% of the patient’s monthly income as billable and decide on a specific monthly installment that would be suitable for the patient to undergo treatment at the facility.
It should be noted that no insurance programs are accepted at Hope House. The facility does provide patients access to a range of different payment methods, including money orders, personal checks, cash, and a cashier’s check. No credit and debit card facilities are available, however.

Hope House Accreditations

There are no details shared by Hope House on their official website regarding accreditations that the facility has been awarded through national bodies, such as CARF. These accreditations serve important functions as they allow patients to understand which facilities are able to offer professional rehabilitation services that take the patient’s needs into account. Furthermore, we noted that the facility does not offer any details in terms of whether or not they have been appropriately licensed by the local health departments in California. They do mention, however, that the facility is court approved, which might mean that they have been licensed. Patients who would like to know more about the licensing status and accreditations held by Hope House should contact the facility’s administrative staff directly.

Hope House Amenities

Hope House only offers a range of very basic amenities, since the center focuses on making treatment as affordable as possible for every patient who comes to them. The patient should not expect to find luxury amenities like cable TV, computer access, or WiFi at this facility. Instead, there are a few common rooms with a television, which can be used at certain times of the day. There are, however, a lot of space outdoors that patients can take advantage of.

Hope House Staff

The official website that represents the Hope House treatment facility is quite limited and only offers basic details of their programs and some frequently asked questions. We noted that the company had not shared any information regarding the staff that is involved in the facility. Furthermore, there is no medical staff on duty at the facility at any given time. For some patients, not knowing how experienced or qualified psychiatrists and other staff maybe that will be providing them with services during their period of recovery at a facility can be unpleasant.
We did note that the company might offer patients a basic tour of the Hope House facility, but only in some cases and the tour does depend on whether or not appropriate staff members are available at the time. Through a tour, the patient might be able to learn more about the staff members who are involved in the treatment programs that are offered at Hope House.

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