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University of California Berkeley
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New Bridge Foundation Overview

New Bridge Foundation is a quality recovery center that has been providing treatment for addicts for a period of over four decades. The company specializes in providing treatments that focus on ensuring the patient can recover faster and also ensures that the patient stays off drugs by providing continued aftercare to every patient who graduates from one of the addiction recovery programs that are offered at New Bridge Foundation. The facility focuses on different types of treatment approaches, based on the specific condition that the patient is in when admitted to the center. An individualized approach in one of the two primary programs also ensures the patient has a better chance of long-term recovery.

New Bridge Foundation Housing

At New Bridge Foundation, patients admitted to a residential program are provided access to a clean, safe environment where they can stay while they are undergoing treatment. There are three different types of inpatient treatments that are offered at the facility, each with its own department. The company has noted that they can treat up to 40 patients at a time in the START program, but specific details on the number of patients that can be served in detox or in the Helios recovery program are not provided on their website. The patient will be provided with information in regards to the availability of beds for treatment when they inquire about being admitted to the center.

New Bridge Foundation Treatment Options

New Bridge Foundation provides specialized care to every patient that needs to undergo treatment, through four pre-defined programs that are customized toward the particular needs of the patient. Each patient is thoroughly assessed to determine how they can best be assisted through the treatment programs that New Bridge Foundation offers. The patient starts off with a detoxification treatment, where they will be monitored 24/7 in order to ensure their journey toward recovery starts out in a positive and successful way.

In addition to the detoxification services, the company also give patients access to:

  • Helios Inpatient Program, which is a short-term residential treatment
  • Helios Outpatient Program
  • START Residential long-term recovery treatment program

New Bridge Foundation Therapies Provided

A range of different therapeutic services is included in the treatment programs that a patient is offered at New Bridge Foundation. These services aim to help the patient better understand how addiction is affecting their lives and how they can successfully recover from their addictions in order to live a life that is free of the substances that have caused them to turn to New Bridge Foundation in the first place.

Therapeutic services that the customer is given access to at the facility include:

  • Individual counseling services
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Group education sessions with an experienced counselor
  • Family support groups and therapy services
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Aftercare therapy sessions

New Bridge Foundation Payment Options

New Bridge Foundation has a variety of payment options available to make being admitted to a treatment program at the facility more convenient for the patient. The company’s services are covered by most of the major insurance providers in the United States. Patients can contact the center in order to determine if their benefits at the insurance agency they are covered at would provide them with coverage for the cost of the treatment that they need to undergo.

In cases where the insurance provider does not cover the treatment, or when the patient does not have access to an insurance policy, payment can be made through a debit or credit card. Additionally, the patient can also discuss a customized repayment plan with the financial counselor at the company if they require a monthly repayment option. Alternative financing can also be arranged if needed but would be subject to credit approval.

New Bridge Foundation Licenses

New Bridge Foundation does not provide any details on licenses that they hold on their official website, but the company does state that they have been accredited by the CARF non-profit organization after they determined that the foundation is able to provide the patients with high-quality recovery services.

New Bridge Foundation Amenities

The facility does not provide a large variety of amenities to patients who are admitted to their residential services, as their main focus is to help the patient recover from their addiction. There are, however, a few convenient amenities that patients are given access to, such as frequent yoga classes, led by a highly experienced yoga instructor. The facility also gives patients access to a personal trainer, who will ensure the patient stays fit and healthy while they are staying at the New Bridge Foundation residence.

New Bridge Foundation Staff

Even though New Bridge Foundation is transparent in terms of the services they provide, the amenities available at their facilities, and how they go about treating the patients who need to be admitted to a program they have to offer, the company does not seem to provide data on the staff members that patients will become acknowledged with when they are treated at New Bridge Foundation. The company also does not provide information related to the founders, CEO, or any other of the leaders and directors that are involved at their facility.

Any patient who feels that they would be more comfortable entering a program at New Bridge Foundation knowing more about the experience and expertise of the staff members are advised to get in touch with the company. A visit to the local facility’s admissions office can provide the patient with the details they need to know if this company is right for them.

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