The Jericho Project, Brisbane, California

Brisbane, California, U.S.A.
470 Valley Dr
Brisbane, CA, 94005

Overview of The Jericho Project

The Jericho Project was founded in 1995 as a state licensed residential program in Brisbane California. It offers treatment to criminal offenders suffering from chemical dependency and drug abuse. The treatment program at Jericho Project is long term with a duration of 12 months. Most of the criminal offenders need treatments for longer periods of time to enable them to fit back into society. A year long program ensures that patients are able to live a healthy and independent life while still able to adjust normally in society. The program treats patients through therapy, counseling, life skills and recreational activities. Patients are given healthy options to channelize their energies and change for the positive. Most of the patients at this facility are court ordered. The staff at Jericho Project is adequately trained to work with ex-criminal offenders. They use techniques such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and group sessions to instill hope and changed behavior in patients. Patients are also provided vocational training and educational classes. This enables them to blend well into society once their treatment finishes. The Jericho Project also provides aftercare and has an alumni program that offers support and assistance to patients after completion of treatment.

Housing and Food at The Jericho Project

The Jericho Project is situated in the small city of Brisbane in California. The city has a beautiful landscape as it is located on the lower slopes of San Bruno Mountain. It is just in the suburbs of San Francisco in close proximity to the San Francisco Bay and San Francisco International Airport. Adequate lodging facilities are available for patients at Jericho Project. Many residence areas and a main house is provided for this purpose. New patients are first admitted in the main house from where they are later moved on to the residences. Patient rooms consist of one or two beds. The rooms are furnished in a home-like manner. There are living rooms where patients can relax and bond. Living rooms are also furnished and decorated in a cozy environment. The facility houses a community center that comprises of meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, gym and exercise area. Patients are encouraged to exercise and use the gym to achieve physical fitness. Patients are self sufficient in the kitchens and prepare meals themselves. The staff arranges for all ingredients and guide patients during cooking. Meals are served in the dining room where patients eat together. This facilitates bonding and healthy conversation among groups of patients.

Treatment Options at The Jericho Project

The treatment options available at Jericho Project are:

  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Aftercare
  • Alumni Program
  • Following substances’ abuse is treated at Jericho Project:
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs


Jericho Project provides the following therapies to its clients:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Group Counseling
  • Positive Peer Culture
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Vocational Training
  • Educational Classes

Payment Options at The Jericho Project

The Jericho Project offers a number of treatment programs and therapies to its patients. The patients are criminal offenders and usually suffer from alcohol and drug addiction as well as mental health issues. The duration of their residential program is one year. Each patient is treated as an individual and personalized treatment plans are created for them. The cost of treatment for each patient is variable depending on the type of treatment and therapies involved. This cost of treatment can be paid out of pocket by the client and his family or through insurance plans accepted by the center. The concerned staff members assist patients and their families in finding the best and most affordable treatment option and insurance coverage.

Licenses and Accreditations of The Jericho Project

Jericho Project has a state license from the state of California.

Why The Jericho Project

The Jericho Project is a state licensed drug and addiction treatment center for criminal offenders and felons. The mission of Jericho Project is to boost the self esteem of patients. This is achieved not only through therapy and counseling but through a holistic approach that includes physical training, education, vocational training, spiritual development and practice. Jericho Project also offers aftercare and alumni programs for patients who have completed their treatment at the facility. The facility does not provide detoxification services or other outpatient programs. They are of the opinion that true recovery is only possible when the patient commits himself/herself to full fledge treatment. That is the reason why they only offer long-duration program of one year. The dedicated and committed staff at Jericho Project use proven therapies to treat patients with dignity and respect. The program focuses on group sessions and activities which allows patients to bond with each other. Through the vocational training and education classes, patients are able to learn how to exist in society once they leave the facility.

Staff at The Jericho Project

Jericho Project has a a number of staff members who are characterized in the following teams:

The Executive Team

These are the staff members that have administrative roles in the facility. Their responsibilities include smooth functioning of the center and facilitation of clients and their families.


Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC) are trained professionals who offer treatment services to patients suffering from substance abuse through the use of various therapies and counseling sessions.

Case Management

Case Managers are trained and certified professionals whose main job is to identify a patient’s primary care needs, find options to meet those needs and facilitate the process of treatment and medical attention so that patients and their families are satisfied by the care being provided to them. The case manager works together with clients and families to devise the most cost effective and affordable plan for them so that the ultimate goal of patient’s healing and recovery could be met.

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