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Safe Harbor Rehab Review: Getting Women Out of the Rain

Safe Harbor founder, Velvet Mangan struggled with addiction and depression disorders for most of her life. And just like with many other founders of substance abuse rehabs, Velvet’s vision was to create a program similar to what she would have liked to have available to her.

The Safe Harbor treatment centers consist of over five separate residences for women of all ages. Each of the houses offers comprehensive treatments for everything from addiction and behavioral health disorders to trauma-related addictions, as well as women who have gone through chronic relapses.

Be The Love

Velvet Mangan began Safe Harbor in 1993 as a treatment program specific to the needs of women. Today the Safe Harbor network has programs and residences all over Costa Mesa, California.

The Knox house, which was the first residence opened by Velvet, houses women between the ages of 18-24 with chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. The Magellan House started after Safe Harbor staff realized women suffering from process addictions, like sex/love addiction and women with eating disorders needed a place dedicated to their conditions.

The Capella and Cherish detox houses were the latest additions to Safe Harbor’s continuum of care. The Capella house offers specialized treatment in a long-term setting for women dealing with trauma-based addictions and who have suffered multiple relapses.

Cherish Detox is a comfortable six-bed detox center where women can safely withdraw from chemical dependency with medical staff on hand twenty-four hours a day. Detox at Cherish also involves a myriad of holistic therapies from massage therapy and acupuncture to sauna rooms.

All the residences at Safe Harbor have storybook furnishings and accommodations, meaning they offer the ultimate in comfort and serenity. Residents sleep two to a room, although private rooms are also available.

The residences drip with a sense of security and have an aspirational glow to them. They are all beautifully decorated and furnished without being completely over the top.

The houses have spacious living rooms with built-in fireplaces, carpeted floors in some of the rooms and some houses also feature a backyard pool. Far from being solely for pampering women (which is not a negative thing in and of itself), the residences reflect an attitude of Safe Harbor that women need not be afraid or scared or feel helpless anymore.

A Whole Woman

Treatments for women vary across the different programs and residences at Safe Harbor. Knox House offers women struggling with substance abuse problems individualized plans that offer integrated therapies built on a 12-Step foundation.

Women receive individual sessions with a psychiatrist if they suffer from a dual diagnosis disorder. They can also attend group educational sessions that cover everything from dialectical behavioral therapy to relapse prevention.

Educational and employment opportunities can also help young women successfully reintegrate into life after rehab. Safe Harbor offers women these services along with vocational training and internship placements.

The Magellan residence has a structured program that helps women rebuild a healthy relationship with food and eating. Safe Harbor staff accompany women on supervised shopping and restaurant trips to help them deal with the triggers they will face after their stay.

Magellan women can also receive one-on-one counseling with a therapist and attend process groups aimed at exploring past traumas and reliving them through psychodrama sessions.

The Capella program offers more of the same types of treatment with an emphasis on helping women with expressive therapies like art and music classes as well as EMDR sessions from a trained staff member.

Throughout all of Safe Harbor programs, however, women can participate in yoga and meditation sessions, receive spiritual counseling, take cinema therapy and even receive Hypnotherapy.

Safe Harbor stops at nothing to offer its clients the treatments and therapies they need to overcome their particular problems. The residential facilities offer a therapeutic community where women can learn and support each other and receive guidance from Safe Harbor’s team of therapists and psychologists.

Even after treatment stays, women can become part of the Safe Harbor alumni network to continue supporting the next generation of women coming to Safe Harbor to find a better life for themselves.

Price for 30 days at Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women: $10,000

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Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women
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