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The Tree House Recovery home is a drug rehab program that focuses a lot of the hard work and effort of recovery not only onto you mind but also onto your body. Strenuous workouts and physical therapies that are designed to return your body to its natural balance before it was invaded by destructive chemicals are part of the program at Tree House, alongside more traditional treatments like counseling and addiction education.

The Fire Inside

It should come as no surprise that an addiction treatment program staffed with a former Navy SEAL and other ex-military members would have a strong emphasis on physicality as much as emphasizing group therapies and counseling sessions. At any one time, Tree House has around 35 spaces for clients if they decide to enroll in the residential program that it offers at its Costa Mesa location, in Orange County.

Tree House does not have any detox facilities on-site, but they will be able to find one for you should the need arise. When enrolled in the Partial Hospitalization Program, patients attend sessions five days a week where they are put through both the fitness-based therapies that Tree House is famous for and other nontraditional therapies that seem like the opposites of marathon running and hiking.

While Tree House might later put you through rigorous physical endurance tests, it first tries to help you overcome and understand the underlying problems that began your life as an addict. This goal is achieved through addiction education classes, writing therapies, and peer group sessions.

Given men’s proclivity for finding out how things work, addiction education classes help direct that innate curiosity inward so that clients can understand the psychological, emotional and social catalysts that started their addictions.

Apart from the addiction education classes and the one-on-one counseling sessions already mentioned, Tree House employs literary therapies – “naked writing” they call it – that give clients another way to express their feelings and other emotional issues with guidance from specially trained writing therapists.

Peer groups are a kind of introduction to the team-building exercises that come later in the Tree House program. Since some addicts, men especially might have a hard time listening to how their addictions and destructive behaviors negatively affected the people around them, peer group sessions allow their fellow addicts to chime in on the best ways to approach criticisms, anger issues and other stresses that might lead to relapses.

Healing = Healthy = Sober

One of the core goals of the Tree House program is to renew their clients’ appreciation for their bodies after causing it so much damage with drugs and alcohol. It is also their belief that the absence of a sense of health and well-being lead most of their clients to abuse substances in the first place.

Tree House puts its clients through daily fitness regimen not only to cleanse them of intoxicants but to give them a sense of accomplishment through achieving daily successes. These physical therapies run from yoga classes to regular workouts with a physical trainer to specially designed nutrition plans that maximize a person’s physical well-being.

Something that is unique to Tree House is their utilization of experiential therapies that employ real-world combat situations to create a more heightened physical awareness of your body, and also teaches you the importance of working together as a unit. Tree House believes that these components will serve you well, not only during your recovery but when you are ready to go back into the world as a sober person.

Not The Same Man You Were

Tree House is a place to become a different person from the one you were before: chemical dependent, unfocused, unmotivated and unhealthy. Tree House puts back the enthusiasm for life that you lost when you started abusing, and it does this by reinvigorating your body so that both your body and spirit can heal. Tree House doesn’t employ the usual 12 Step methods, but it helps you realize your potential by making you work harder than you have ever worked before.

Cost for 30 days: $10,000

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Tree House Recovery
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