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StepHouse Recovery
10529 Slater Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA, 92708

With Location in Fountain Valley, California, StepHouse Recovery operates as a behavioral health and addiction treatment center. As such, StepHouse recovery offers a full range of services to its patients, regardless of the nature of their addiction. The center hence provides patients with substance addiction recovery, process addiction recovery, and specialized treatments for co-occurring mental disorders and dual diagnosis.

StepHouse Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Given the fact that StepHouse Recovery provides both mental health and addiction treatments, it offers a vast array of diverse programs. In addition to services regarding domestic violence, process addiction, sexual addiction, and anger management, the center offers a fully structured drug and alcohol rehabilitation. As such, the program consists of detox treatment, sober living treatment, and intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment.

In the detox phase, the center’s professionals treat and detoxify substance dependencies, including heroin, prescription drugs, opiates, painkillers, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and barbiturates. During this phase, the staff will develop a comprehensive care plan based on unique needs and challenges of patients’ drug or alcohol addiction, which will serve as the base for the whole recovery.

Sober living treatment or a residential treatment is the essential step of the rehab process at StepHouse Recovery. The program comprehensively addresses physical, mental, and emotional aspects of addiction, and as well pays attention to social, financial, and legal aspects of it. In a residential treatment, the staff underlines psychological disorders of addiction while at the same time helps patient to develop skills to maintain sobriety. StepHouse Recovery uses a Florida Model treatment, which means that residences and treatment facilities are separated. By doing so, the center helps patients to readjust to a real-life environment and develop life skills. The treatment consists of group and individual counseling sessions, additional services to aid in meeting client-specific challenges and individualized goals, education and relapse prevention, and transition to structured living homes and outpatient care.

Intensive outpatient treatment provides patients with the same benefits as residential treatment does, while at the same time allowing clients to maintain their life outside of rehab facilities. Patients can chose between day or evening intensive outpatient program treatment options.

Facilities and Extras

The center’s luxurious facilities are nearby Orange County coastline, which makes a perfect therapeutic environment for patients to heal and recover throughout all the phases of treatment. Bedrooms are private or semi-private, with linens, towels, and pillows for patients. Dining amenities include patios, barbecues, dining area, and fully equipped kitchen, while in common areas patients can enjoy fireplace, television, wireless access, computer workstations, gym, laundry service, and a parking. StepHouse Recovery provides transport to its patients for AA meetings, therapy sessions, gym, beach, and shopping.

Additionally, StepHouse’s holistic rehab program provides patients with all-natural meals, biking, hiking, walking, or running along the beach, meditation and yoga sessions, and art and music therapy.

Rules and Regulations at StepHouse Recovery

All programs at StepHouse Recovery center are gender specific, while patients usually stay in the treatment for 90 days to reach sobriety. Patients are not allowed to bring gaming consoles, computers, revealing clothing, and items that might be inappropriate, dangerous, sexual, alcoholic, or flammable. As for the dress code, the center suggests patients to bring a week’s worth of clothing based on layering options. Cell phone can be used only at certain times based on program rules. Patients can use disposable razors and nail clippers in personal assigned spaces away from the others.


Through combination of comprehensive treatments and luxurious facilities, StepHouse Recovery provides its patients with high quality care. Diverse programs that are not only substance addiction based talk about the center’s aim to approach each patient in complexity and depth.

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