Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Garberville, California

Best rehabs in Garberville, CA

Finding A Drug Rehab Center In Garberville, California

The city of Garberville is in the middle of an opioid crisis. Despite the fact that the state of California itself has one of the lowest rates of opioid-related deaths in the country, Humboldt County – home to Garberville – has opioid-related overdose rates that are five times higher than the state average. The county recorded 15 opioid-related deaths in the year 2018 alone. In the previous year, there had been drug/alcohol-related deaths, and 21% of that number were opioid-related.

Opioid abuse has become so rampant in the county that it is having an effect on the unborn population too. According to a report from the National Institute on drug abuse, the county has one of the highest rates of instances of Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (19 per 1,000 births), which is a condition that turns up in newly born babies if the mother used opioids while pregnant. Apart from Opioids, rehabs in Garberville, California, also have to deal with meth and heroin-related cases of substance abuse, among a few other littered cases of other types of substances.

Addiction Treatment Services For Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Garberville, California

There are various options available for alcohol and drug rehab in Garberville, CA. The specific addiction that the patient is dealing with usually determines which type of treatment would be recommended. The community has centers that offer long term treatment with inpatient care, outpatient counseling for a shorter-term and inpatient detox programs for pre-rehab. These programs deploy one or more of the following types of addiction treatment therapy:

  • matrix model,
  • substance abuse counseling approach,
  • trauma-related counseling,
  • vocational rehabilitation services,
  • group therapy,
  • motivational interviewing.

Payment methods available in Garberville CA for rehab are Medicaid, Medicare, county funds, juvenile justice or state correction funds, private health insurance, etc.

How To Enroll In A Substance Abuse Treatment Program For Rehab In Garberville, California

If one needs professional help to deal with drug addiction in Garberville, California, it is available. Please feel free to reach out via the free helpline. Skilled professionals are ready to help and guide the victims of drug abuse on the road to recovery.

To find the available rehab facilities in Garberville, California, use the substance use treatment locator tool below.

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