Mountain Vista Farm, Glen Ellen, California

Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, California
3020 Warm Springs Rd
Glen Ellen, CA, 95442

Mountain Vista Farm Overview

Mountain Vista Farm started as a facility that provided effective treatment programs for patients addicted to alcohol. The facility was founded over 50 years ago and is currently known as the oldest addiction center in the region. Today, the facility has expanded on the services that it offers patients by including a range of drug addiction services as well. The idea of Mountain Vista Farm is to provide a serious range of treatment services, but also to offer each patient an environment that introduces them to a down-to-earth setting that is both calming and caring.

Housing at Mountain Vista Farm

The programs offered by Mountain Vista Farm are all based on residential care, which means all patients that are admitted will need to reside at the farm in order to help them recover. There are no specific details provided in regards to the size of the facility or how many beds are available to offer treatment to patients. The company does note, however, that patients will be given access to a bed and a safe and relaxing environment.
Patients who would like to undergo treatment at this facility can pay them a visit in order to see how the facility looks, what type of housing is available, andto get a better idea of how the environment is.

Treatment Options at Mountain Vista Farm

Treatment at the Mountain Vista Farm facility starts with an admission process. The facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means they are always open and patients can be admitted at any given time. Patients are advised to start the admission process by giving a confidential call to the facility. In addition to the standard telephone number, a toll-free number is also provided.
The admission process also includes an interview with appropriately licensed staff members at the facility. During the interview, the patient’s condition will be assessed to determine what treatments the patient would require to recover from their addiction. Since each patient is different, this process serves as an important part of developing a treatment plan that is tailored and more appropriate for the patient.

Treatment is offered to patients in different phases:

Detoxification – The detoxification process is very important and is usually the very first part of a patient’s treatment program. During detoxification, the patient will be placed in an environment that will help them get off the drugs that they are addicted to. The facility ensures safer withdrawal by the patient and can address the symptoms of withdrawal that the patient may experience.

Residential Care – Once the patient has gone through the detoxification phase, they will be placed in residential care. This is a center with 24-hour access to caring staff members and will promote sobriety among all patients. Patients will be offered educational classes during their time in residential care, as well as counseling that will ensure they can overcome their addiction, target co-occurring mental illnesses, and to help prevent relapse after they get out of the facility.

Aftercare – Recovery following detoxification and treatment of addiction takes time, which is why the facility also offers an aftercare program. This treatment phase will continue to help the patient gain access to group therapy sessions, as well as time with a counselor, to ensure they can continue on the road to sobriety and lead a more successful life.

Payment Options at Mountain Vista Farm

Mountain Vista Farm aims to offer all patients access to affordable care that ensures they are able to quickly and effectively recover from their addictions. The facility claims to be one of the most affordable options in the area but doesn’t provide any specific information related to how much their services cost. Patients are advised to get in touch with the center in order to find out how much treatment will cost.
The facility does accept insurance programs. Staff members are able to check if the patient’s insurance plan covers the payment of the residential care services offered by the center. The facility does claim that most patients who are not insured can pay for the services themselves due to the affordable costs. Additionally, patients are also advised that they can be referred to an organization that specializes in providing loans that are related to healthcare services.


The center and the residential program offered is fully licensed. The Mountain Vista Farm center has been licensed by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. Furthermore, the inpatient services they offer have also been accredited by CARF (The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Amenities at Mountain Vista Farm

Mountain Vista Farm does not provide extensive information related to amenities and recreational activities that patients will be able to gain access to while they are being treated. The center does, however, advise that patients will be monitored 24/7 when undergoing addiction treatment at the facility.


Even though many patients will find information about staff members that are involved at the Mountain Vista Farm useful, the facility has decided not to share any particular details of their staff on the website that represents the recovery center. Patients are not able to gain access to any data related to the medical team that provides supervision under the inpatient treatment services that the facility offers them. Furthermore, there is no information about the executive members or directors that are currently overseeing the development of programs at the Mountain Vista Farm recovery center.
Patients who need to know more about patients are welcome to visit the center for an interview with the admission staff members. This would allow them to get a better understanding of who operates the facility and the particular staff members that will be caring for them if they decide to undergo treatment at this treatment facility.

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