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Community Recovery Resources Overview

Community Recovery Resources is an addiction center that focuses on long-term recovery through a range of inpatient and residential treatments. Both male and female patients are welcomed to undergo treatment at this facility in order to overcome the addictions that they are suffering from and to help them take on a more positive approach to life.
Two separate houses are located on the premises owned by Community Recovery Resources, with each providing specialized gender-specific treatment services for either male or female patients.
The company has one and a half decade of experience in treating patients with addictions, with some programs that last up to 90 days in order to ensure the patient is one a good road to recovery before they leave the center.

Community Recovery Resources Housing

Patients undergoing residential treatment at Community Recovery Resources will be housed according to their gender, as the company operates two different buildings where patients are treated. Each of these buildings is gender-specific – male and female patients are housed separately from each other. The Hope House is available to provide treatment for female patients, with a total of 15 beds available for the patients.
In addition to the main 15 beds that are available, an additional ten beds are also available at the facility to provide housing for the children of women being treated at the facility. The Serenity house specializes in treating male patients and can accommodate up to 25 patients at a time. The majority of the rooms at the facility houses two patients at a time.

Community Recovery Resources Treatment Options

Community Recovery Resources offers a range of treatment options that can be customized to help the patient recover more successfully. While the facility does focus on residential treatment to ensure patients can recover over the longer term, outpatient treatment services are also available to patients. Additional services offered at Community Recovery Resources include:

  • Detoxification programs
  • Supportive transitional housing programs
  • Prevention services
  • Adolescent services and programs
  • DUI classes
  • Drug testing services

Community Recovery Resources Therapies Provided

Patients need to undergo several therapy sessions with licensed therapists and psychiatrists while they are staying at the facility and being treated for their addictions. The specific therapeutic options made available to the patient depends on the level of care they require, but will generally include both individual and group sessions.

Community Recovery Resources Payment Options

Patients are usually provided with a customizable solution to ensure their treatment plan targets their specific conditions. Some insurance policies are accepted by the center. A dedicated insurance benefit verification form can be found on the company’s website, which patients should utilize if they need to find out if their insurance policy is accepted and their current benefits would cover the cost of a treatment program at the facility. Patients may also apply for financial arrangements based on their specific circumstances if they do not have the funds to pay for their treatment upfront.

Community Recovery Resources Accreditations

Even though knowing about the accreditations that have been obtained by a facility like Community Recovery Resources, we found that the company does not provide an overview of the specific licenses and accreditations that anybody or state departments have previously provided the company with. Patients who would like to know about such details first before they decide to opt for treatment at this facility should contact the admissions office and request information about their accreditations.

Community Recovery Resources Amenities

There are multiple amenities that the facility offers each patient to ensure that they can be comfortable while they are being treated at the facility. The rooms in both of the buildings that the company operates offer adequate space for two patients to feel comfortable in, while also ensuring the patient has adequate access to appropriate space for their clothes and other personal belongings. It should be noted, however, that no computers or smartphones are allowed to be held by patients while they are staying in any one of the two houses where patients are treated at Community Recovery Resources.

Community Recovery Resources Staff

While Community Recovery Resources does provide a comprehensive overview of their services and details about the company itself on their official website, they do not have a large list of all staff members that form part of the treatment team at any of the two houses where residential treatment programs are carried out.
The company has a single web page that provides details of only two staff members that are part of their medical team. Patients who feel that they would first like to know more about the medical staff who are providing their services to those being treated at Community Recovery Resources should contact the center or visit the admissions center, where they will be able to gain better insight into whether the medical team members are qualified and if they have appropriate experience in dealing with patients who are struggling with addictions.

Dr. Aaron Cleveland

Dr. Aaron Cleveland is graduate of the UC David Family Medicine Program. He holds a membership at the American Society of Addiction Medicine, as well as the American Academy of Family Practice. Aaron has also been Board Certified in Family Medicine, as well as in Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Jeffrey Knowles

Dr. Jeffrey Knowles is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist. He became certified in Addiction Medicine in the year 1988 and had since provided his professional services to the facility in the local area. Jeffrey completed his residency at the University of Washington.

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