Phoenix House Los Angeles, Lake View Terrace, California

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11600, Eldridge Ave.
Lake View Terrace, CA, 91342

Phoenix House Los Angeles Overview

Phoenix House Los Angeles, located in Lake View Terrace, California, is a treatment center that provides residential and outpatient treatment programs to adolescents and teens from age 13 to 18, who receive treatment on-site while attending classes. The facility offers treatment to young individuals and adolescents suffering from chemical dependency and mental health issues. Since 1994, the facility has been in the business of providing the best care to clients in need of it. Incorporating both a holistic and therapeutic approach to treatment, the facility has been able to help multiple families heal completely from the emotional bruises that come with addiction. The facility also offers outpatient treatment to clients who have completed the primary residential treatment program and are looking to step down to a less intensive approach.
Treatment is aimed at building the confidence of the teens, as well as helping them grow life and social skills. The average length of stay in the program varied from teen to teen, as treatment progress is different in each client. Some clients stay up to a year and others are just there for a week. All students are required to appear in uniforms to prevent animosity or distractions and teens attend school from 8:15 to 3 pm during the weekdays.
After classes end at 3pm, students are required to participate in physical activities and sports, and others not interested in such can join art or music therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is implemented during group therapy and topics such as anger management and others are discussed during this time. 9 pm is lights out at the facility and as students’ progress in treatment; certain privileges are given back to them such as the use of cell phones and going on excursions. Support for dual diagnosis is also available and treatment for such is heavily evidence-based. The staff at the facility comprises of qualified teachers, marriage and family therapists, nurses, and many more.

Accommodation And Food

The facility currently has the capacity to house 40 girls and 80 boys in gender-specific wings. Each student is required to share a room with another student and each room comes fully equipped with an en-suite bathroom. The rooms feature basic amenities such as single beds, a shared desk, nightstands, and many more. The on-site facility offers gyms, classrooms, a state-of-the-art recording studio, computer lab, and many more. As part of the morning routine, residents make their own breakfast. All students are served meals which are prepared by the staff and dietary restrictions and allergies are put into consideration.

Treatment & Therapy

Phoenix House Los Angeles offers treatments and services to clients with addiction, based on their special needs. Some of these are:

  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient treatment

Residential Treatment

The treatment center offers adequate and quality care teens, 13 years to 18 years, seeking treatment from chemical dependency and mental health issues. Students attend classes on-site while receiving treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy is used during group therapy.
The following are conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health issues
  • Co-occurring disorders

Phoenix House Los Angeles Therapy Options

Phoenix House center in Los Angeles offers a wide variety of therapy options for teens which includes:

  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • 12-step
  • Medication Management
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse Prevention


Phoenix House Los Angeles costs approximately $6,000 for a 30-day treatment at the facility but this price is subject to change as the level of care and type of treatment defers. The facility accepts most major insurances and Medicaid. Individuals seeking more information on payment and admission can contact the facility on the number written on the page.

Phoenix House Los Angeles Advantages

After completion of treatment, alumni of the program and students with strong recovery organize and participate in outreach programs to community centers and schools around the area. This is done in the spirit of giving back and the outreach is to make aware of the signs and dangers of substance abuse and addiction.
Psychoeducation is a service available and implemented in the family program. This program is offered to students and their parents in multiple sessions, as well as private sessions for parents alone. After completion of the inpatient treatment, students can step down to the facility’s outpatient program.
The facility, with so many years of experience in the behavioral health field, demonstrates and shows commitment to helping young individuals gain victory over the shackles of chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. For those seeking a facility that provides adequate and appropriate support of child recovery, Phoenix House Los Angeles is a good choice.


Benjamin Nordstrom
Chief Executive Officer and President

He holds a Doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Criminology and went to Dartmouth, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree. He served as Clinical Officer of the facility before holding the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Nely Meza-Andrade
Senior Program Director

Nely holds a Bachelor’s degree from the California State University in Psychology and a Master’s degree from the San Francisco State University in Counseling. She furthered her education by going to Mount Saint Mary’s University, where she earned a Master’s of Business Administration degree. She is licensed to practice Marriage and Family therapy and is dedicated to helping individuals have wholesome treatment.

Giovanna Sanguinetti
Program Director

Giovanna holds a Master’s degree from the Creighton University in Medical Anthropology and is dedicated to helping clients begin the journey to long-term sobriety. She served as a high school administrator before joining the facility and us passionate about increasing the awareness of behavioral health in communities.

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