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Calvary Ranch Rehab Review: A Brand New Day

The founders of Calvary Ranch, Pastor Tom McAloon and his wife Paulette, spent nearly three years attending to the poor and needy in major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. After gaining experience in treating drug addiction with prayer and Christian ministry, the McAloons opened Calvary Ranch in 1975.

Calvary Ranch is just what it says it is, a ranch-like rehab ensconced in the foothills surrounding San Diego, California. The Calvary Ranch provides residential treatment for men suffering from substance abuse disorders.

His Will Be Done

Although Calvary Ranch offers nothing more than a regimen of prayer, chores and group discussion to its residents, it is still licensed as a treatment program by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. There are, however, certified drug counselors on staff.

The ranch sits just off of a dusty, hilly country road just outside of Lakeside, California. Calvary Ranch is a men’s only rehab and accepts clients as young as 18 years old into its residential program.

Being a working ranch, residents at Calvary Ranch perform a series of daily chores. Residents clear horse and livestock pens, do groundskeeping work and clean up the kitchen after breakfast. Men must also keep their dormitory-style accommodations neat and tidy while they reside at Calvary Ranch.

Calvary Ranch strives to promote a therapeutic community for men as a part of their treatment. Men live and work together as well as eat together in the dining hall or the outdoor wraparound porches at the ranch houses.

Given the breadth and size of the farm, residents have plenty of space to explore the grounds and take long walks. Calvary Ranch also offers a swimming pool and Jacuzzi for its resident’s rest and recreation.

Learning to Live

No incoming residents to Calvary Ranch can be going through withdrawal upon arriving at the ranch. Since there is no medical staff onsite, there is no detox provided. No medical staff also means that Calvary Ranch does not serve clients with co-occurring disorders.

Calvary Ranch has a set of pre-entry criteria that residents must meet to be allowed into the program. No personal electronics (i.e., phones, laptops, tablets or other devices) can be brought onto the ranch. No other reading material other than a New King James Bible can be brought onto the property.

Residential stays can last for as little as 14 days to 90-days. An initial admission fee of $500 must be paid before arrival to reserve a bed. Calvary Ranch provides a shuttle service for clients coming from out of state.

Typical days at Calvary Ranch begin bright and early at 6 AM. Residents attend to their chores, have breakfast, and then attend a group study session where ministers and pastoral staff teach lessons from the Bible.

Bible study continues throughout the day. During the evenings, however, Calvary Ranch offers a life-skills training lecture series called Learning How to Live that instructs residents on basic living skills.

Residents also learn important relapse prevention techniques, as well as learning how to find a job, build healthy relationship with their loved ones and even how to budget properly. After the lectures, residents have free-time to talk with one another or just relax at the pool.

Throughout these tightly regimented days, Calvary Ranch has trained substance abuse counselors on hand to help residents 24/7 with problems they might be facing regarding their substance abuse.

Non-Christian residents can also attend Calvary Ranch but all treatment options have their origins in the Bible, so it might not be the best idea to go to Calvary Ranch if you are a non-believer.

Calvary Ranch proudly proclaims that God and Christ can help anyone overcome their substance abuse problems. They offer a secluded getaway along with daily chores and responsibilities to keep residents focused and disciplined while receiving Bible instruction to teach them what is truly important in life.

Price for 30 days at Calvary Ranch: $4,000 (extended programs also available).

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Calvary Ranch

13610 Willow Rd

Lakeside, California 92040


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