Twin Town Treatment Centers, Los Alamitos, California

Alamitos Beach neighborhood
4376 E Katella Blvd
Los Alamitos, CA, 90720

Twin Town Treatment Centers Overview

Twin Town Treatment Centers offer affordable outpatient services to patients in the local regions that are struggling to overcome addictions that they have developed. The company is able to assist patients with drug addictions, as well as those with an alcohol dependency problem. Programs that are offered at Twin Town Treatment Centers are all tailored toward the patient’s individual needs in order to ensure factors in the patient’s own life can be addressed, and relapse can be effectively prevented. In addition to the treatment services for addictions that the company offers, they are also able to provide patients access to referral services that can help the patient gain access to detoxification, as well as additional treatment programs that focus on mental health problems and other co-occurring disorders.

Twin Town Treatment Centers Housing

No housing benefits are offered to any patient who comes to Twin Town Treatment Centers for the treatment of their addictions. All treatment services at the company are based on outpatient programs, where patients will need to report into the facility at specific times, which will be provided to the patient upon admission to a program. Patients will need to stay at home during their treatment phase. In cases where patients might be exposed to triggers for relapse at home, the facility is able to help the patient understand how they can overcome these triggers and avoid relapse.

Twin Town Treatment Centers Treatment Options

All of the treatments that are offered to patients at the Twin Town Treatment Centers are based on outpatient settings. The company believes that patients should not be exposed to temporary situations like they are through residential care, as this does not prepare the patient for real-life situations. Instead, they offer outpatient services that address triggers in the patient’s personal life that might lead to a relapse.
A range of treatment options may be included in a patient’s treatment program, such as:

  • Both individual and group therapy services
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Day treatment services
  • Relapse prevention services
  • Referral services for medical services and detoxification
  • Family education programs
  • Follow up and aftercare services

Twin Town Treatment Centers Therapies Provided

All of the patients who are admitted to an outpatient treatment program at the Twin Town Treatment Centers will undergo several individual therapy sessions with a psychiatrist at the facility each week. Apart from these individual sessions, group therapy programs are also offered to patients to further assist in their recovery journey.

Twin Town Treatment Centers Payment Options

Patients are able to undergo treatment at the Twin Town Treatment Centers through an active insurance policy, depending on their insurance provider and their benefits. Twin Town Treatment Centers are contracted with a large number of insurance providers in order to provide patients access to affordable treatment services.
Some of the insurance providers that are contracted with this company include Aetna Behavioral Health, Cigna, Integrated Health Plan, ValueOptions, United Health Plan, and HealthNet. Patients will need to verify the benefits of their policy prior to admission.
Any patient who is not insured will need to discuss a payment plan with an appropriate financial counselor at the facility. The company is able to provide patients access to affordable repayment options that make treatment more accessible to them.

Twin Town Treatment Centers Accreditations

Twin Town Treatment Centers is a fully accredited company. The services that they offer their clients have been assessed by the Joint Commission, and they have been awarded an accreditation by this organization for the high-quality programs that they have to offer. In addition to this accreditation, it should be noted that the company has also been certified by the appropriate departments in the State of California.

Twin Town Treatment Centers Amenities

There are no specific amenities that are worth mentioned related to the Twin Town Treatment Centers since the programs offered at these facilities are all based on outpatient treatments. Patients are not provided access to housing facilities, which means there are no amenities like communal rooms, gyms, or a cafeteria where patients will be served meals on a daily basis as there are with facilities that specialize n providing patients access to residential care services.

Twin Town Treatment Centers Staff

A lot of patients might feel scared and confused about what they are to do in order to overcome their addiction successfully. When it comes to contacting a facility that offers rehabilitation services, as the Twin Town Treatment Centers, patients often first want to know that the particular facility is appropriately qualified in order to help them. This is why a lot of patients try to learn more about staff that are employed at the center – this gives them an overview of qualifications held by the facility’s treatment team, along with more details on the faces they should expect to see and meet if they do decide to opt for treatment at the facility.
Unfortunately, Twin Town Treatment Centers does not offer any details related to their staff members on their official website. This can be unpleasant for many patients who might be interested in getting in touch with one of these facilities in order to undergo treatment for their addictions. Patients who would like to request more details are advised to contact their nearest facility that forms part of the Twin Town Treatment Centers network directly.

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