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Casa Bella Rehab Review
8011 Fordham Rd
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

The Casa Bella rehab center radiates with a distinct elegance and otherworldly charm that is both comforting and reassuring. “Casa Bella” translates into “beautiful home,” and it is an apt description to describe the Spanish-style house where women can receive substance abuse treatment and sober living services.

Located close to sunny Venice Beach, and with transitional living apartments just steps away from the fashionable Abbot Kinney neighborhood in Los Angeles, Casa Bella is an ideal place for women to receive traditional, abstinence-based as well as holistic treatments.

Resonating With Women

Casa Bella is not a traditional rehab center with detox facilities or inpatient and outpatient dichotomies. Casa Bella does offer young women integrated care for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

The Casa Bella properties consist of a sober living residence, which is its primary location, as well as an extended care home for women who have suffered multiple relapses. Casa Bella’s newest addition is the transitional living apartments for young women who have just left a residential program and still require a structured, secure environment.

Taking a tour of the facilities is like walking through the home of old Hollywood mogul combined with the new-age motifs of a yoga studio. Indeed, the Casa Bella sober living residence is a living manifestation of calmness with its expansive meditation rooms, stuccoed verandahs, and exquisitely manicured garden.

The house contains all the expected amenities of a sober living house. The rooms and common areas are all stylishly furnished and afford a great deal of independence and serenity. Casa Bella noticeably lacks recreational facilities like a pool and exercise facilities, since the Pacific ocean is only a few feet away and its location in central Los Angeles.

Ensuring Recovery

Casa Bella catches young women at the tail-end of their recovery. Its sober living house is ideal for women, 18 and older still needing a bit of community and support to stay sober after an inpatient stay.

Casa Bella offers a measured approach in allowing young women the ability to re-learn essential life skills to prepare them for life after rehab, while continuing to impart the vital lessons of the 12-Step program. Women can take part in a variety of activities outside of the house that focus their energies elsewhere, whether it be volunteering, work or continuing their education.

The extended care house at Casa Bella is a more in-depth program focused on the therapeutic needs of women suffering from co-occurring disorders. At this separate facility, women can receive individualized care from case managers. They can also receive individual and group therapy, in addition to participating in several experiential therapy exercises.

As mentioned above, Casa Bella has recently added sober living apartments for women leaving inpatient treatment and transitioning into regular life. Here, women thrive with the independence given, while also being regularly visited by case managers and Casa Bella counselors who provide support as well as regular toxicology tests to ensure abstinence.

Casa Bella is a treatment center geared toward young women experiencing not only addiction and co-occurring disorders, but having behavioral problems like eating disorders and body image dysfunctions. It provides the right mixture between restriction and permissiveness to ensure that women feel confident enough to embody the lessons of sobriety they fought so hard to learn.

Price for 30 days at Casa Bella: $8,000

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Casa Bella
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