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Clearview Overview

Clearview is a comprehensive treatment organization that focuses on mental illnesses and addictions, with a well-known and respected dual-diagnosis system that has helped a large number of patients overcome their psychological issues and get back to a happier and more functional life. The company was originally founded in the year 2000 and has since been providing patients with highly effective programs that aims to assist the patient in a setting that is most appropriate to their individual condition – with both residential and outpatient treatment programs available.

Clearview Housing

Patients who are in need of a more intense treatment solution to ensure they can overcome their disorders and addictions will be housed in one of the three residential units that are operated by Clearview. The specific building that the patient will be housed in depends on a few factors, such as the patient’s gender, their conditions, the severity of their disorders, and, of course, the availability of beds in any one of these facilities.
A specialized gender-specific unit is available for women in need of residential care. There are also two dual-diagnosis facilities where patients can be treated simultaneously for an addiction and mental health concerns. All three of these facilities only provide accommodation for a maximum of six patients at a time. The outpatient center is also limited to treating up to 15 patients at a time.

Clearview Treatment Options

Treatment at Clearview is focused on assisting the patient in overcoming their addictions and to target any co-occurring disorders at the same time. The patient will first undergo a consultation before they can be treated by the staff at Clearview. The consultation will ensure an individualized program is compiled for the patient that takes their unique circumstances into account. Treatment options that may be presented to the patient, depending on their symptoms and the specific problems that they are facing, include:

  • Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction
  • Dual diagnosis residential treatment program
  • Women’s BPD residential program
  • Outpatient treatment services
  • Day treatment services

Clearview Therapies Provided

A wide range of evidence-based therapies is utilized by Clearview to help their patients overcome the disorders that they are suffering from and to ensure the patient can reach sobriety. One-on-one sessions play an important role in every patient’s treatment plan, but there are also group therapy sessions that patients need to attend to assure their recovery.

Clearview Payment Options

Clearview has recently partnered up with a number of insurance providers to ensure patients can undergo treatment at their facilities under an active insurance policy. The company is currently able to accept patients who are covered by the following insurance providers:

  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Optum
  • Anthem
  • BlueCross BlueShield

In addition to accepting insurance, patients also have the option to utilize the self-pay options offered at Clearview. In such a case, the patient will be responsible for their own bill. No details in terms of special financial arrangements are provided. Patients will need to find out if they can pay their bill off in installments by getting in touch with the administrative staff members at Clearview.

Clearview Accreditations

Clearview has been accredited by the Joint Commission for the residential and outpatient treatment programs that they are able to offer the patients who come to them with signs of addictions, and those with co-occurring disorders. Additional data on licenses issued to the facility is not provided on the company’s website.

Clearview Amenities

A range of impressive amenities is available to those patients who are in need of treatment and admitted to a residential program at Clearview. Patients are able to access a gym, which is located off-site. There is also a chiropractor that is made available to the patients being treated at one of the residential units owned by Clearview. Patients may also utilize additional services offered at the company, such as educational services, vocational training, resume writing programs, and career placement programs.

Clearview Staff

The leadership team at Clearview understands that patients may feel more comfortable when they know who will be providing them with treatment services, such as therapy, when they come to the facility in order to be treated for their addictions and possibly co-occurring disorders.
For this reason, the company has decided to provide a full overview of the staff that is involved at all of the facilities that they operate. This ensures patients can understand more about the qualifications held by these staff members and how experienced they are in treating patients with similar issues as they are suffering from. Extensive data is provided for the majority of the staff members who offer their professional services to patients being treated at Clearview.

Michael Roy (MSW, LCSW)
Founder & Executive Director

Michael Roy has a Master of Social Work degree, which he obtained from the University of Southern California. He has over two decades of experience in several positions related to mental health care facilities. Michael is highly trained in providing addiction recovery services, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mentalization-based Therapy.

Alina Gorgorian (PhD)
Executive Clinical Director & Director of Training and Development

Alina has a PhD in Counseling Psychology, which she received from the Fordham University. She has also obtained a two-year training certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which she completed at the Bellevue Hospital, New York. Alina is highly experienced in evidence-based therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Steven Rudoy (PsyD)
Clinical Director

Steven earned a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology after he graduated from the Pepperdine University. He primarily focuses on evidence-based therapies and treating patients with more severe mental disorders.

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