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Evolve Treatment Centers Overview

Evolve Treatment Centers is an organization that treats adolescents ages 12 to 17 who struggle with addiction, mental health problems, and behavioral issues. Evolve has facilities in multiple occasions and provides both residential and outpatient treatments to teens, but also has special programs for their families.
What makes Evolve such a great treatment center is a vast selection of different therapies, programs, and treatment options that support teenagers, their mental and physical health, but also allow them to beat their demons and get on the path toward a healthier and happier life.

Evolve Treatment Centers Housing

As far as housing is concerned, Evolve centers made sure accommodation is suitable for teenagers. Rooms are decorated in a way that adolescents would find them comfortable to be in for a while. The number of patients treated in facilities is six maximum. Living quarters are comfortable, and they have a large kitchen with modern amenities, full-size pool, large patio, TV room with large flat screen, school area, and other features.

Evolve Treatment Centers Treatment Options

Evolve centers provide a number of treatment options for adolescents who need to improve their mental health and recover from substance abuse. All treatment programs are solution-focused, evidence-based, data-driven and are suitable for teens with addiction and mental health problems but also for adolescents with behavioral issues.
Programs are customized to the needs of each patient. They include:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment – suitable for adolescents ages 12 to 17 who live at home and go to school, but also need additional support for addiction, mental health, and behavioral issues
  • Partial hospitalization programs/day treatment – suitable for teenagers who live at home but struggle to maintain balance due to their issues affecting mental health and behavior, but also because of addiction
  • Residential treatment – teens live on-site with 24-hour support and supervision
  • Detox – carried out under supervision, suitable for teens with a serious addiction problem and helps with withdrawal symptoms
  • Mental health treatment – suitable for teens with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, self-harm/cutting, bipolar disorder, and Asperger’s syndrome
  • Outpatient programs – teens receive hours of treatment three to five days a week
  • Family therapy – support groups for families while their teens are in the treatment
  • Post-treatment – a detailed transition plan that aims to support adolescents in the months and years to come

Evolve Treatment Centers Therapies Provided

Bearing in mind that rates of addiction and mental health problems among adolescents are increasing Evolve has included numerous therapies into their programs. The main objective of these therapies is to strengthen a patient’s mental health and support recovery process.
Therapists and psychiatrist use their expertise to work with patients regularly in a group setting as well as during individual counseling sessions. Adolescents who are generally fragile get to focus on their recovery and improve their mental and emotional health which is important for overcoming addiction too.
Therapies provided at Evolve centers include:

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Applied behavioral analysis
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness-based dialectical/cognitive therapy
  • Individual family therapy
  • Multi-family support groups
  • Group dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Process group
  • Commitment group
  • Equine-assisted therapy (horses)

Evolve Treatment Centers Payment Options

Costs of treatment programs at Evolve are specific to each patient, but to learn about approximate prices you’re encouraged to contact the treatment center. Various insurance programs cover treatment at Evolve including in-network Anthem Blue Cross and Healthnet. Out of network insurance programs that cover the costs of treatment at Evolve include Aetna, Amerihealth, Cigna, GHI, Magellan, Optum, Oxford, United Healthcare, Value Options, Humana, among others. The treatment center communicates with the insurance provider to make sure patients get the maximum benefits at every level of care.

Evolve Treatment Centers Licenses

Evolve centers have accreditations from the Joint Commission and CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). These certifications are only issued to facilities and centers with exceptionally effective programs and a high quality of service and care. This is a great sign that Evolve truly helps its patient and a major boost for parents who are considering these treatment centers for recovery of their adolescent children.

Evolve Treatment Centers Amenities

Adolescents treated at Evolve centers have access to various amenities whose purpose is to make their recovery even more effective. Some of these amenities and services include:

  • Mindful walking
  • Yoga
  • Mindful cooking
  • Meditation
  • Social outings
  • Surfing
  • Music, art, and dance
  • Boxing
  • Hiking
  • Fitness

Evolve Treatment Centers Staff

Team members who work at Evolve are highly knowledgeable, supportive, and kind. They use their expertise on a daily basis to help teens overcome their problems and start a healthier way of life. The official website features names and bios of the executive director of Evolve as well as team members in different facilities. Below, you can see some of them.

Executive director – Lauren Kerwin

Laura Kerwin is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience working with teenagers, adults, and families. She specializes in the treatment of non-suicidal self-injury, suicidality, eating disorders, substance abuse, and behavioral problems. At Evolve, Laura provides assessment and treatment for teens, but she also supervises staff training and development and oversees all clinical services.

Agoura Hills – Dr. Arastou Aminzadeh

Dr. Arastou Aminzadeh works as an affiliated psychiatrist at Agoura Hills and other locations of Evolve. His philosophy is that treatment and therapy should be tailored to each individual and their unique life story.

Bel Air/Brentwood – Adriana Bagdasarian

Adriana Bagdasarian is a primary therapist at Evolve’s Bel Air/Brentwood location. Before she became a therapist, Adriana worked as a residential counselor at Evolve. She has clinical experience in behavior therapy with children and families but also works with clients who are struggling with addiction and mental health problems.

Calabasas – Sophie Bain

Sophie Bain is a primary therapist at Calabasas location. She has been at Evolve since 2014 when she worked as a residential counselor. Sophie uses a family systems approach in her family work to make sure family is engaged in a patient’s treatment.

Camarillo – Ronnie Miller

Ronnie Miller is a therapist at Evolve’s Camarillo location. He has worked with troubled adolescents for over 20 years. Ronnie has been active in sports and used his coaching experience in therapy settings too in order to help patients overcome their obstacles.

Gilroy – Kaila Hattis

Kaila Hattis works as a primary therapist at Gilroy location. She is an associate marriage and family therapist with a passion for working with adolescents and families.

Ojai – Matt Metcalf

Matt Metcalf works as a therapist at Ojai location. He is a pragmatic therapist who particularly excels with parents and adolescents who struggle with mental health and recovery.

Woodland Hills – Ray Rabbani

Ray Rabbani is a therapist at Woodland Hills location of Evolve. He uses humor in therapy to help reduce the stress and specializes in helping teens overcome challenges such as impulse control, distorted thinking, familial discord, adjustment disorders, academic stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

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