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Hollywood Detox Center Review
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Located in Los Angeles, California, Hollywood Detox Center provides inpatient detoxification services to individuals with alcohol or drug addiction. The center operates under the umbrella of Blvd Treatment Centers that offers holistic recovery to its clients.

Hollywood Detox Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step towards recovery at Hollywood Detox Center is thorough intake assessment in order to determine which detox program is required.

  • Subacute medically supervised detox is designed for clients who need constant supervision due to potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Besides medical services, the program includes case management and assessment conducted on a 4-hour basis.
  • Behavioral detox is created for chronic relapsers who attend a sober living program. The primary focus is to establish relapse prevention plan and identify triggers that cause drug use.
  • The pre-admission clearance allows clients to stay at the center 24 hours before admission to the center.
  • Stabilization unit offers services to clients who suffer from co-occurring disorders or those who have relapsed.

The treatment consists of individual and group therapy based on holistic approach and evidence-based practices. Residents can also attend off-site 12-step or SMART Recovery meetings. Medication management and dual-diagnosis services are available to those who suffer from co-occurring disorders.

Holistic treatment includes following treatment methods:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Massages
  • Physical exercise

The ultimate goal of the holistic approach is to help clients reach inner peace, eliminate accumulated stress, improve vitality and the sense of well-being. Massage can be an excellent way of relieving muscle tension and stimulating lymph flow which can help with eliminating toxins from the body. It also helps with chronic pain and stimulates dopamine production.

Hypnotherapy affects the unconscious part of the brain. This way, new ideas and ways of thinking can be implemented.

The duration of detox is not predetermined. It depends on the individualized treatment plan and the drug of choice. For example, detox from benzodiazepines takes longer than detox from some other drug, because the treatment requires tapering. However, an average length of stay is three to seven days.

Even though the center does not offer inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services, patients leave the facility with a referral plan, for the team of professionals create a discharge plan keeping in mind client’s needs.

Hollywood Detox Center: Facilities and Extras

A total capacity of the center is 18 beds. Clients can stay in private or semi-private rooms that are fully furnished and that also have cable TV and internet.

Meals are prepared by a professional chef, while snacks and beverages are available 24/7. Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Hollywood Detox Center offers cold laser therapy that helps clients with chronic pain and reduces cravings because it stimulates the same center in the brain as addictive substances.

The center also provides smoking cessation program and nursing education groups.

Rules and Regulations in Hollywood Detox Center

Clients are allowed to smoke during their stay at the Hollywood Detox Center but only in designated areas.

The center accepts the majority of insurance plans, and if a client does not have insurance, the facility also accepts credit cards, checks, or cash. Additionally, transportation for Southern California residents is provided.


Hollywood Detox Center provides inpatient detoxification services for both women and men. The treatment is based on holistic approach and evidence-based practices conducted in individual and group setting. The duration of treatment depends on the drug a client used and his/her personal needs.

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Hollywood Detox Center
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