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Living Rebos Overview

Living Rebos is a higher end rehabilitation facility that has a particular focus on providing patients access to a range of outpatient treatment programs that can assist in their recovery from drug or alcohol addictions. While the company was established to provide outpatient treatment services, they have established an additional sober living program since their initial foundation. The sober living program gives patients access to a facility where they can live in an environment where they will never be exposed to the substances that they were addicted to prior to treatment – no drugs, alcohol, or other addictive substances are ever allowed to enter the premises.
Patients were analyzed on an individual basis to provide everyone who comes to the facility with the most ideal treatment approach to assure they have a good chance of graduating as a sober individual after they have completed their program at Living Rebos.

Living Rebos Housing

Housing at Living Rebos is limited to only those who require access to a sober living environment and, of course, those who are able to afford the sober living program offered at the facility. When these criteria are met, the patient will need to inquire about the availability of space at the facility. It does seem like only a few patients are offered access to this program at a time. There are three houses on the property owned by Living Rebos. One of the houses has a single room and provides private access to the patient residing in the house. The other two houses are shared among multiple patients at a time but do provide each patient an access to a private room.

Living Rebos Treatment Options

All of the treatment options that are available at Living Rebos are tailored to the specific patient who comes to the center in need of help to overcome their addictions. The facility does not only focus on targeting the addictions of the patient, but also looks for additional mental illnesses and emotional problems – these issues are also targeted in the patient’s treatment program.
Treatment options offered to the patient at Living Rebos might include:

  • Outpatient rehabilitation services
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Detoxification services
  • Partial-hospitalization services
  • Sober living program

Living Rebos Therapies Provided

Patients treated at Living Rebos will need to undergo multiple sessions of therapy each week. There are six or more one-on-one sessions included in every patient’s weekly program, along with up to four group meetings on a daily basis.

Living Rebos Payment Options

Information regarding payment options and billing details are not shared on the official Living Rebos website. There are no details in terms of the undergoing treatment through an active insurance policy, or whether patients will be able to make arrangements to pay their bill in multiple installments should this be necessary. Patients will need to contact the facility in order to find out if their specific insurance policy is able to cover the treatment they need to recover. A financial counselor might also be able to discuss the different options the patient may have if they are unable to pay for the services needed upfront.

Living Rebos Accreditations

The accreditations and other credentials held by a facility such as Living Rebos help patients understand the level of professional care the particular facility is able to offer them. Fortunately, Living Rebos has been accredited by the Joint Commission, which essentially means that their treatment programs and their sober living homes have been professionally reviewed by an employee at the Joint Commission, and was found to follow the standard guidelines that have been set out. We were, however, not able to determine if the facility has been licensed by the local California-based health departments. Patients who would like to know if the facility is licensed should contact their administrative department.

Living Rebos Amenities

All of the houses owned by Living Rebos that form part of their sober living program give patients access to all of the amenities they need to be as comfortable as possible during their stay. All houses are fully furnished with all of the most crucial facilities that are needed in a real home. Bedrooms are private, and patients are provided access to appropriate closet space to store their clothes, along with dressers where the patient’s personal belongings may be kept. There is service staff on the premises all the time.
Flat screen televisions are fitted in each room. Additionally, meals are provided to patients, and those who request it may also be provided with a gym membership. Shuttles are made available to patients who utilize the sober living program at Living Rebos to provide them access to transportation when needed.

Living Rebos Staff

Living Rebos has not shared data on any of the staff who are employed at their facility on the official website that represents the company. We were unable to determine who forms part of the facility’s management staff members and there are no details of the treatment team, such as the psychiatrists who are involved in providing patients access to counseling sessions. There are patients who desire such details before they contact a facility for treatment or admission.
Patients interested in knowing more about the staff who make up the various teams at Living Rebos are advised to get in touch with the facility directly. There are employees who will be able to provide the patient with further details in order to help them feel more at peace.

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