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Paradigm Malibu Adolescent Treatment Center Rehab Review
6323 Via Escondido Dr
Malibu, CA, 90265

Paradigm Malibu Treatment Center is located in Santa Monica Mountains, California. It is well known for its efficiently intensive and luxurious treatments for teens and adolescents. Set between the peacefulness of humming waves and relaxing shade of greenery, Paradigm Malibu is a perfect place for a teenager to reach recovery.

With house keeping taking care of both Malibu Paradigm buildings, teens are completely unstressed and focused on the treatment. Moreover, with a balcony in each room, clients, whether accommodated at facility by trail to Escondido Falls, or the one overlooking scenic waterfront of Point Dume and Malibu Bluffs, will enjoy inspiring views.

Paradigm Malibu: Treatment and Staff

Paradigm Malibu holds capacity to treat up to 12 patients. These are professionally focused to meet each of the patients’ personalities and struggles through personalized therapies. While group work proved effective to some extent, such setting exposes youngsters to additional stress, so Paradigm Malibu nurtures one-on-one sessions with its counselors.

Treatments are conducted through:

  • Individual therapy
  • Individual family therapy
  • Multi-family therapy
  • Parent effectiveness training
  • Movement therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy

These individual therapies offer a self-empowering start into patients’ day, just after the energizing breakfast at 7:30 am. Patients are then set off to school offering unique on-site classrooms, where lectures are conducted not just by certified teachers, but by UCLA students as well, where youngsters can look up to students and lean on their assistance as they are recovering.

Upon completing their school duties, that are in accordance with each of the patients’ home school curricula, lunch break at noon and recreation time afterwards bring nourishing array of activities, from beach visit to gym or hiking. At 3 pm patients are given a chance to heal through art and express their talents, be it art, drama, or music. From 4:30 pm to 6 pm youngsters are set to wrap up their assignments, and leisurely enjoy dinnertime.

Paradigm Malibu respects gender equality, and will provide its patients with therapies that might require approach based on specific female or male teenage issues. However, Paradigm Malibu advocates for co-gender environment, in which, during the course of the program, all teens are together rather than separated.

Paradigm Malibu is making sure that clients and their families are fully familiarized with the center’s staff, whose biographies and expertise are transparently presented on the website. As an additional sign of confidence and quality service, all staff is undergoing immense background check prior to being engaged at the center.

Paradigm Malibu: Facilities and Extra

Paradigm Malibu also offers suitable facilities, athletic field, basketball court, picnic area and swimming pool on their disposal, where they can enjoy sports, yoga, acupuncture, dance; plus, appropriate extracurricular activities. Computer lab and movie screenings are supervised; the staff rather keeps patients engaged and entertained through card or board games in their leisure time.

Paradigm Malibu: Rules and Regulations

A 30-day treatment at Paradigm Malibu costs $49.000. Besides accepting health insurance and credit card payments, Paradigm Malibu collaborates with American Healthcare Lending Inc. to support its clients.

As of rules, the usage of gadgets and electronic devices, as tools that might expose kids to further damage, offense and violence, is prohibited. If it doesn’t alter nor collide with therapies, parents are permitted to call their kids anytime they want, while Saturdays are reserved for family visits.


In order to ensure the best care and proper recovery, Paradigm Malibu offers indefinite free aftercare and family support.

Therapies involve psychiatric, psychological, medical, educational, and nutritional practices, with focus on patients’ emotional, physical, social and family health.

Combining effective, intensive and personalized treatments, with luxurious facilities, Paradigm Malibu, is one of the most popular recovery centers for teens nationwide.

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