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Promises Treatment Centers Overview

Promises Treatment Centers is a group of medical facilities that offer services that have been tailored to offer an effective approach to the treatment of substance abuse disorders. In addition to the fact that these facilities specialize in the treatment of addictions among its patients, the team of treatment staff members at these centers also help patients overcome common types of mental disorders that are observed among individuals who are experiencing the terrible effects of addiction – such as depression and anxiety disorders.
The company provides a comprehensive overview of what they are able to offer each patient on their website and also lists a series of testimonies and stories from past patients who were able to recover successfully after undergoing treatment at one of their facilities.

Promises Treatment Centers Housing

Promises Treatment Centers currently operates a total of five facilities that are located in different locations throughout the United States. Patients who are in need of treatment in order to help them with their addictions and possibly also address co-occurring disorders need to understand that some of these centers are gender-specific and offers specialized treatment services.
We were able to determine that the company has a Men’s Treatment Facility and a Women’s Treatment Facility, along with a facility that primarily specializes in detoxification services. There is also a facility that focuses on providing recovery services for professionals. No details are provided in terms of how many patients can be treated at a time.

Promises Treatment Centers Treatment Options

Various treatment options are available to assist patients with their journey to a life where they can be sober and no longer a victim to serious mental health conditions. The patient will first need to undergo a confidential consultation with a licensed and high-qualified counselor at the facility that is in their local state. During the consultation, a customized program will be compiled for the patient in order to ensure their success in recovery. The treatment options available include:

  • Detoxification services for alcohol and drug addictions
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Outpatient drug rehabilitation
  • Professionals drug rehabilitation
  • Mental health treatment
  • Aftercare services

Promises Treatment Centers Therapies Provided

There are different forms of therapy that patients can be provided access to during their stay at any of the facilities that are owned by Promises Treatment Centers. Patients in outpatient programs and those in aftercare will also continue to have access to therapies. Therapy options include:

  • Group counseling sessions
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Mindfulness groups
  • 12-step counseling sessions
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Promises Treatment Centers Payment Options

During the admissions process, the patient will be provided with a quotation for their treatment program. At this time, their insurance benefits can be verified if they have an active insurance policy with Aetna, Health EZ, Magellan, United Healthcare, American Behavioral Health, or another private insurance policy that is accepted. Financial arrangements need to be discussed with the admission staff if the patient is not covered by an insurance policy.

Promises Treatment Centers Accreditations

Promises Treatment Centers has been accredited by the Joint Commission for the services they provide their patients with. Additionally, the company holds a membership with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Promises Treatment Centers Amenities

The company does not provide extensive details on specific amenities that patients should expect to be provided to them while they are part of a residential treatment plan. We did notice that patients are provided access to aftercare facilities, as well as educational classes that help them adopt coping skills.

Promises Treatment Centers Staff

Promises Treatment Centers has a dedicated page on their website where potential patients interested in being treated for their mental health issues or substance abuse disorders at one of their facilities can obtain more details of the staff members that make up the executive team and treatment team at all of the facilities that the company operates. The web page has been developed in such a way that patients can choose to view all staff members at once or filter the staff members based on the five different facilities operated by Promises Treatment Centers.
In addition to providing an overview of the treatment team, patients can also learn more about the executive staff members who are running the company in the background and those staff members responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations.

Tiffany Dzioba (PsyD, LMFT) – Executive Director

Tiffany Dzioba has a Doctorate degree in Psychology. She has also been licensed as a Family Therapist, as well as a Marriage therapist. Tiffany has more than ten years of experience in her field and primarily specializes in providing counseling services to patients who are suffering from severe mental illnesses, as well as those with addictions.

Jason Powers (MD) – Chief Medical Officer

Jason Powers is actively involved at companies that form part of the Elements Behavioral Health Family. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, as well as in Addiction Medicine. Jason has won several awards for his outstanding work and is one of the top addiction doctors within the Houston area.

Michael Ahmann (DO) – Medical Director

Michael has experience in different medical fields related to mental health, as well as addictions, and believes in a holistic approach toward recovery. He is especially experienced and skilled in the fields of family medicine and addiction medicine. The American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Addiction Medicine has both certified him.

Robert Saltzman (MD) – Independent Detox Specialist

Robert Saltzman is a graduate from the New York Medical College and holds a Medical Degree. He has been serving patients from his private practice since 1976. Robert is affiliated with numerous medical companies and associations in his local area, where he offers his professional services to assist in the treatment of various conditions.

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