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Ocean Recovery is an extended care facility that provides recovery services to individuals dealing with addiction and eating disorders. The center is located in Newport Beach, California.

Ocean Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The ultimate goal of the addiction treatment program at Ocean Recovery is to help clients reach sobriety and teach them new skills necessary for drug-free life after rehab.

Once you make an initial phone call, the admission staff will arrange an interview to discuss payment options. Some of these specialists are recovering addicts, fully competent to answer any question regarding the treatment.

  1. Men’s program provides help with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as dual diagnosis services. The treatment is built around group and individual counseling. Clients are encouraged to share experiences with peers who can understand their struggle. Additional services within men’s program include nutritional counseling, 12-step meetings, psychoeducational classes, ropes course, and recreational activities.
  2. Women’s program provides female clients with a safe and nurturing environment that allows clients to bond with each other. The program includes the same features as men’s, with only difference that women can also participate in yoga, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi classes.
  3. The treatment for eating disorders is conducted as a form of dual-diagnosis treatment, because this, like any other mental health problem can threaten a long-term sobriety. The program consists of stabilization, therapy, and nutritional counseling.

The treatment modalities within each of the three recovery programs include:

  • Group therapy includes general group sessions and meetings specialized to address certain issues such as progression of addiction, family issues, stress management, relationships, eating disorders, conflicts, coping skills, triggers, and relapse.
  • Individual counseling — this treatment method allows clients to discover and change their maladaptive patterns of behavior as well as set and evaluate their goals.
  • Process groups — this treatment method is designed to teach clients how to set their goals and give them tools to achieve them.
  • EMDR and other trauma processing methods are implemented into the treatment to help residents deal with traumatic events from their past that might have led to addiction.
  • Relapse prevention is focused on learning how to identify drug use triggers and how to avoid them.
  • Family therapy is conducted to help family members rebuild their relationships and create a strong supporting system for their loved one affected by the substance abuse.
  • Alumni program keeps former residents of the center connected. The program includes regular dinners and gatherings.

The staff at the Ocean Recovery consists of therapist, psychiatrist, and managers.

Ocean Recovery: Facilities and Extras

Clients stay in fully equipped apartments with flat-screen TVs. There is no professional chef on-site. Therefore, meal prepping and grocery shopping are part of residents’ regular chores.

Patients are encouraged to spend time together and bond. Some of the recreational activities at the center are kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, and surfing. Additionally, cookouts and barbecues are regularly arranged.

Rules and Regulations in Ocean Recovery

The cost of a 30-day treatment is $15,000 with the average duration of the extended care program being 90 days.

Clients are allowed to visit museums and participate in similar events in the local community.


Ocean Recovery provides extended care services to clients suffering from eating disorders and substance abuse, as well as to their families. The treatment uses evidence-based practices such as 12-step and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The center also offers elements of holistic approach.

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