Sober Living By The Sea, Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California, USA
4711 Seashore Dr
Newport Beach, CA, 92663

Sober Living By The Sea Overview

Sober Living By The Sea was originally founded to provide a single facility where patients can obtain access to an environment that promotes sobriety and helps the patient stop abusing drugs, alcohol, and other substances they might be dependent on. Through the years, the company has expanded and was finally bought over by a company known as the CRC Health Group. Today, Sober Living By The Sea is a large group of facilities that promote sober living and also offers rehabilitation services to patients who may be going through a tough time with addiction. The company now has multiple facilities where these services can be provided to the patient, with the majority of these facilities located in the Newport Beach area of California.

Sober Living By The Sea Housing

Different housing programs are available at facilities that are owned by Sober Living By The Sea. The majority of the services and housing facilities that are offered by the company are gender-specific, which means male and female patients would not be mixed in the same facility while they are undergoing treatment. Some of the facilities owned by the company provide a sober living environment that helps the patient post-recovery to ensure they do not relapse to a life of drugs and alcohol, while other facilities can provide rehabilitation and recovery treatment services.
The facilities that offer patients housing benefits at Sober Living By The Sea include:

  • The Landing, a facility for male patients. This facility can house up to 10 men at a time.
  • The Victorian House, offering a sober living environment for up to six female patients.
  • The Rose House, a sober living environment that can provide housing for six female patients at a time.
  • The Sunrise Recovery Ranch, a rehabilitation center for addiction treatment. The ranch can treat up to 30 patients at a time. Both male and female patients can be treated here, but rooms are all gender specific.

Sober Living By The Sea Treatment Options

Different addictions can be effectively treated at the different facilities that Sober Living By The Sea operates. Patients are able to undergo residential services in order to help them get on the right path toward sobriety, and then take advantage of the sober living environments provided by the company for continued care and recovery.
The programs offered at Sober Living By The Sea include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Detoxification
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Outpatient care
  • Continuing care
  • Family programs

There are a large number of addictions that can also be treated at these facilities, including:

  • Heroin addictions
  • OxyContin addictions
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Synthetic marijuana addiction
  • Alcohol addiction

Sober Living By The Sea Therapies Provided

Sober Living By The Sea can offer the patient different therapies and psychiatric services to ensure they can recover successfully. The therapies that may be provided to a patient can include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family counseling services

Sober Living By The Sea Payment Options

Sober Living By The Sea seems to prefer providing treatment for patients who are insured. The company accepts most private medical insurance providers, including UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Optum, Cigna, and Aetna. There are, however, a number of insurance providers that do not cover treatments that are provided to a patient at the facilities that this company operates, which include Medicare, Medicaid, and more. No details are provided in regards to cash payments for the services or the possibility of arranging for financing.

Sober Living By The Sea Accreditations

Sober Living By The Sea has been accredited by the CARF organization, which means the services provided at the facility are on par with the regulations that have been set out by the appropriate authorities in the local state. Additionally, the facility also holds memberships with both the CCAPP and with ASAM.

Sober Living By The Sea Amenities

Patients who are undergoing treatment at the Sober Living By The Sea rehabilitation unit are provided access to a gourmet chef, who prepared multiple meals on a daily basis to ensure all patients are provided with healthy meals that are rich in essential nutrients. The facility also has doors that literally walk out onto the sand, giving patients the ability to be at peace next to the ocean while they are being treated.

Sober Living By The Sea Staff

The official Sober Living By The Sea website provides a basic overview of the senior management team that is responsible for overseeing all operations implemented at the facilities that the company currently operates. No extensive data, photos, qualifications, or other information is provided in regards to these staff members, which can make it difficult for the patient to truly understand if the staff at this company are appropriately qualified and if they have been certified by California authorities for their expertise and the particular services that they offer.
The senior management staff members shared on the company’s official website include:

  • Krystel Alvarez-Georgos – Chief Executive Officer
  • Christopher Austin (MBA, MHM) – Chief Financial Officer
  • Andrej Kukric – Director of Marketing & Business Development
  • Tanya Desloover (MFTM CADC II) – Director of Clinical Services
  • Justin Gatfield – Director of Nursing
  • Jessica Piersall – Admissions Director
  • Marisol Jimenez-Godinez – Human Resource Manager
  • Danielle Farnsworth (CADC-II, CATC, ICADC) – Director of Insurance and Facility Licensing Compliance

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