Beacon House, Pacific Grove, California

Pacific grove street
468 Pine Ave
Pacific Grove, CA, 93950

Beacon House Overview

Beacon House offers a large number of treatment services that have been tailored toward those in need – the facility focuses on providing addicts in the local community access to treatments that can assist in their recovery from addictions. While the company does seem to focus on the 12-step recovery program that is offered at the majority of rehabilitation centers, they do offer others treatment services as well in order to provide the patient with a better chance of a successful recovery while being treated at the facility. The idea behind all of the services that Beacon House offers is a long-term recovery – instead of providing the patient with a short-term solution that may, later on, lead to a relapse toward addiction.

Beacon House Housing

The Beacon House facility is located inside a Victorian Mansion that was built over a century ago. This facility offers patients who need to undergo residential treatment accommodation during their time in recovery. Beacon House focuses on treating a relatively small number of patients in residential care at a time in order to provide them with individualized care. This usually yields better results as each patient can be provided with a higher level of care by the staff members that are part of the treatment team at the facility. At the moment, up to 22 patients can stay at the facility at a time. Rooms are semi-private, so most patients will be required to share a room with another patient who is also undergoing treatment.

Beacon House Treatment Options

Beacon House has a range of treatment options available to patients who are in need of services to help them recover from the substances abuse disorders that have taken their lives over. Each patient is individually assessed to determine how they need to be treated and what services need to be provided to the patient to assist in their recovery.
The treatment options currently available at Beacon House include:

  • Residential detoxification services
  • Inpatient rehabilitation programs
  • Intensive outpatient services
  • Partial hospitalization services
  • Extended stay addiction recovery treatment
  • Aftercare services
  • Medication-assisted treatment

Beacon House Therapies Provided

Therapy is one of the main elements utilized to assist the patient in their recovery at Beacon House, which is why patients should expect to undergo therapy sessions with a counselor frequently while they are being treated. In addition to one-on-one counseling services, Beacon House also offers trauma therapy, family therapy, holistic therapies, and experiential therapies.

Beacon House Payment Options

Payment options and fees charged to a patient at Beacon House depends on a few factors, such as whether they are insured or not. Insured patients can submit their insurance policy’s details in order to verify whether they have appropriate benefits to undergo treatment under their active policy. Insurance providers accepted at Beacon House include Coastal, Aetna, Aspire, CIGNA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Net, and more.
Patients who are not insured may apply for financing. There are two different financing options available to these patients, depending on how long they need to stay at the facility, as well as the total cost of treatment.

Beacon House Accreditations

No specific details are provided in terms of the accreditations that national or international bodies have awarded Beacon House for their addiction treatment services. There is also no licensing information related to state-based departments that have licensed the services that the facility is currently able to offer their patients. We did note that Beacon House is affiliated with the Gateway Foundation, however.

Beacon House Amenities

A variety of amenities are offered to patients who would like to be treated for their addictions at Beacon House. This includes a living room, equipped with a television, as well as a parlor and a library that comes with a range of different books for patients to enjoy during their stay at Beacon House.

Beacon House Staff

To ensure every patient who contacts Beacon House for treatment of their addictions, the facility has decided to provide a comprehensive overview of the most important staff members that are involved in the various treatment programs and therapeutic services that patients are provided access to when they come to the center. This is a particularly beneficial factor about Beacon House since patients often find that they feel much more comfortable contacting a facility when they know that the staff members who are employed at the facility is experienced and holds appropriate experience in dealing with addictions.
While the facility does not offer an overview of all the treatment staff members at the facility, those involved in overseeing the treatment programs administered to patients are listed on their official website.

Susan E. Cowen (MSW, LCSW)
Executive Director

Susan E. Cowen has over 25 years’ worth of experience. She has worked with a large number of non-profit organizations, including various organizations that focused on behavioral health services. Susan is also experienced in dealing with patients who are struggling with addictions. She holds a Ph.D., which she obtained from the University of Illinois.

Lara Clayton (LMFT)
Director of Healthcare Operations

Lara Clayton is experienced in dealing with patients with mental health problems. She has worked with facilities offering both residential treatment and outpatient services. Lara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Collaborative Human Services, as well as an Executive Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Lara also has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Lee Larimer (Ph.D., FICPP)
Director of Clinical Services

Lee Larimer is experienced in providing patients with both one-on-one treatment services, as well as group-based treatment programs. He has more than four decades of experience. Lee is a graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He completed his residency at the Children’s Hospital in San Francisco.

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