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Lionrock Recovery Overview

Lionrock Recovery is a unique approach to addiction recovery. Traditional facilities tend to have a physical location where the patient needs to go in order to obtain services that will ultimately assist in helping them recover from their specific addictions and to possibly address depression and other particular mental disorders that they might have developed. This company solely provide services to patients on the internet through a custom developed platform where the patient can gain access to a personal profile, as well as a live chat feature that gives them access to a number of therapists who specializes in the treatment of addictions, as well as mental conditions that the patient may be experiencing.
The program focuses on those patients who are too afraid or embarrassed to report to a physical location in order to overcome their addictions but may still want to commit to a sober lifestyle. All of the services are provided online, through live text-based and video-based chat sessions with the therapists who are part of the program.

Lionrock Recovery Housing

All services that are provided by Lionrock Recovery are delivered to the patient via an online platform that was developed specifically for this company. Patients will not be provided access to any type of accommodation or housing program, and there are no physical locations where the patient need to report to in order to undergo treatment. Instead, the services are provided to the patient on their computer – they can undergo therapeutic sessions from their own home, where they can feel comfortable and more at ease.

Lionrock Recovery Treatment Options

There is quite an extensive list of treatment options that patients are given access to when they decide to become part of the Lionrock Recovery program. Patients first need to undergo a free consultation with a licensed therapist to ensure an appropriate program can be developed for them. The online intensive program is the most popular option that patients can utilize to help them overcome their addictions, but there are also other types of services that the patient can take advantage of, including:

  • Ascent Online Outpatient Program
  • Family Matters Support Groups
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Health / Balance Program

Lionrock Recovery Therapies Provided

Therapy is the main aim of Lionrock Recovery to ensure patients can effectively recover, which is why patients will all undergo frequent sessions with one of the licensed therapists that are appointed to them. The patient will undergo one-on-one sessions with the therapist to discuss the specific concerns that they might have, and to help them through their journey to a life where they can be sober. There are also group sessions available where multiple patients will be able to join in on a live video conference call, along with a counselor active on the session as well.

Lionrock Recovery Payment Options

Patients need to understand that their options are not limited just because Lionrock Recovery is not a traditional facility that offers them access to a physical location where they can undergo treatment. Numerous insurance agencies pay for the services that Lionrock Recovery offers the patients who come to them for assistance with their addictions. Patients can contact the company on their toll-free hotline number to determine if the patient’s insurance program is accepted. Alternative payment options are available to patients to ensure that they can afford the treatment that they need to recover from the addictions and the mental disorders that they might be struggling with.

Lionrock Recovery Accreditations

Even though Lionrock Recovery is an online-based program that helps patients recover without even leaving their own homes, the programs that are offered by the facility has been accredited by the Joint Commission. The association has thoroughly reviewed the therapy services that the facility offers patients in order to ensure the services are appropriate and can assist patients in recovering from their particular addictions.

Lionrock Recovery Amenities

There are no special amenities that can be mentioned in terms of Lionrock Recovery, as the services that patients are given access to when they take advantage of the services that are offered by the company are delivered through an online platform. No facilities are available to help the patient undergo treatment services.
One particular amenity that should be noted, however, would be the fact that Lionrock Recovery offers a free consultation to patients who are new to the platform. During this free consultation, the patient can be assessed by one of the licensed therapists who are available at the time. They will then be provided with a full analysis of how they can be assisted through the therapeutic solutions that the company is able to offer them.

Lionrock Recovery Staff

Lionrock Recovery is an online-based program with a large number of therapists available to provide the patient with counseling services that will ultimately aid in their recovery from the addictions that are taking over their lives. After reviewing their website, we found that the company does not provide any details of the therapists who are administering counseling services to the patients who sign up for the online services that are offered.
Patients will be able to gain more knowledge of the therapists involved in the program after signing up, but may also call the toll-free hotline made available by the company if they would like to know if the therapists are licensed and certified before they decide to sign up for one of the programs that are offered at the facility.

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