Progress House, Placerville, California

Placerville, California
2844 Coloma Street
Placerville, CA, 95667

Progress House Overview

Progress House was initially founded to provide patients in the local area with effective inpatient treatment programs that focused on recovering from drugs. The facility was also initially founded only to provide treatment for male patients. Over the years, however, they have expanded and now operates a total of 11 facilities, and their treatment is not only limited to male patients anymore.
In addition to treating both men and women at their facilities now, the company also has programs available that specialize in providing shelter and treatment for women who are either parents or currently pregnant. The programs offered to patients at the Progress House all focus on treating addictions as if it is a disease, and believes that recovery is a journey and should not be dealt with as a race.

Progress House Housing

Progress House operates a number of facilities throughout multiple counties that all specialize in helping patients with their recovery from addictions. Many of the facilities that the company owns are able to provide patients with residential treatment services, where the patient will also gain access to accommodation at an appropriate facility while they are being treated by the treatment staff members at Progress House. The main Progress House called the Coloma Men’s House can accommodate up to 20 male patients at a time.
A Men’s facility is also located in Nevada City, where up to 16 patients can be treated at a time. No specific details are available in terms of how many female patients can be treated at a time at the facilities that specialize in providing residential treatment solutions to women, as well as women who have children.

Progress House Treatment Options

There are different types of treatment solutions that patients are given access to when they come to Progress House for help in regards to the specific addictions that have started to overtake their lives. The treatment that will be provided to the patient depends on their specific conditions. The patient will be thoroughly analyzed and assessed by intake counselors when they first come to one of the facilities operated by Progress House for an initial consultation. This will allow the counselor to determine how severe the patient’s addiction is, whether the patient may require detoxification before they can be effectively treated, and to ensure any co-occurring disorders that are present can be treated at the same time.
The treatment options that might be provided to the patient include:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential treatment for men
  • Residential treatment for women (including mothers and pregnant women)
  • Outpatient counseling
  • Transitional living programs

Progress House Therapies Provided

Therapy is provided to all patients when they undergo treatment at the facility, whether they are in detoxification, treatment, or the transitional living program. Patients will need to undergo individual sessions with the therapist that is appointed to them, and will also need to undergo several group meetings on a weekly basis.

Progress House Payment Options

Progress House does not provide any information related to insurance programs accepted at the company in order to help patients undergo treatment. Patients should get in touch with the company’s head office or their closest facility if they would like to know if the insurance policy is accepted at Progress House and whether or not their specific insurance policy would cover the treatment that they need to undergo at the company.
Patients will be responsible for their own bills if they are not insured, but the patient is able to speak to a financial counselor at the company if they are not able to come up with the cash payment – in such a case, the patient will be able to pay their bill in more affordable monthly installments, ensuring that more people can gain access to quality treatment solutions to ensure they are able to recover.

Progress House Accreditations

There is no information related to the accreditations that bodies like CARF or perhaps the Joint Commission have awarded Progress House. Since this is important to some interested patients, as such accreditations provide proof that the company has undergone appropriate assessment and has proven that their services can provide patients with the right treatment to recover successfully over the long term. Progress House’s head office will be able to provide patients with more details in terms of any accreditations that they hold.

Progress House Amenities

Progress House does not provide any specific details of amenities that patients are provided access to when they stay at one of the facilities that specialize in residential treatment. Patients are, however, provided appropriate linens and groceries, and all facilities are equipped with furniture and other important accessories that they may require in order to stay comfortably at the facility. Clients do have several responsibilities. While groceries are provided, for example, patients need to prepare their own meals using the groceries that are supplied to them.

Progress House Staff

The Progress House website is relatively simple and basic and does not provide patients with an overview of the staff members who are part of their treatment or medical team. This can be somewhat unpleasant for some patients who might be interested in being treated at one of the facilities that are operated by Progress House. The company does share a list of the directors who are involved in the company, but this does not provide patients with an overview of the staff that they will meet when they are undergoing treatment at the company.

  • Barbara Vermilyea- Executive Director
  • Robert Messer- President
  • Glenn Gibson- Vice President
  • Ken Torkelson- Secretary

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