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Acre Ranch
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10 Acre Ranch is an all-male substance abuse treatment center located in Riverside, California. With over 25 years of experience in treating substance abuse and correlating mental health problems, the 10 Acre Ranch is one of the most successful and well respected facilities in the area.

By combining 12-step program with a social model treatment the 10 Acre Ranch has been providing top quality care for men older than 18. The social model treatment is based on creating the sense of fellowship and connection between the patients living together which helps them overcome the problems through group effort, which would otherwise seem insurmountable to them. This is why the 10 Acre Ranch has a very limited admission rate, as they are always keeping the staff-to-patient ratio at 3 or higher.

10 Acre Ranch: Treatments, Programs and Staff

The treatment at 10 Acre Ranch is made to fit male clients older than 18 years, as those are the rules that apply during admission. The treatment is based on a combination of many different techniques and methods including:

  •         Group Therapy
  •         Individual Therapy
  •         Disease Education
  •         Recovery Assignments
  •         12-Step Based Therapy
  •         Morning Meditation
  •         Yoga
  •         Nutritional Meal Preparation
  •         Recreational Activities
  •         Recovery Activities
  •        Family Therapy

All of these activities make up a day in a patient’s life at 10 Acre Ranch and every single one of these plays a role in their recovery and road to permanent sobriety.

The 10 Acre Ranch does not offer inpatient treatment exclusively. They have various other treatment options for patients who do not wish or have the need of staying in the facility. Other treatment programs include:

  •         Partial Hospitalization
  •        Intensive Outpatient
  •        Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

It is also important to note that each housing facility on the 10 Acre Ranch has 1 bed dedicated exclusively to the patients who need detox services. Detox is non-medicated and is supervised by a licensed nurse and a physician. Since the 10 Acre Ranch is based on abstinence alongside other methods, there is NO medically-assisted detox available.

The staff working on the 10 Acre Ranch consists of licensed nurses, physicians, psychologists and addiction technicians and counselors.

Facilities and Extras

The 10 Acre Ranch has 4 residential facilities available including the ranch house, by which the center got its name. The main housing building has three beds available for the patients as well as a pool, a basketball court and a selected variety of animals, including: horses, a turkey, a goat and other farm animals. Other buildings that are part of the facility have 3 beds each and 1 additional bed reserved for patients in need of detox services.

All the buildings have a fully equipped and functioning kitchen, since the residents are required to prepare meals for themselves as a part of their rehabilitation program. For patients who are not versed in cooking or nutrition in general, there will be lessons provided by the 10 Acre Ranch staff.

Rules and Regulations at 10 Acre Ranch

A day at 10 Acre Ranch is separated into three parts: the morning, the afternoon and the evening and each has its own set of activities and chores that every patient needs to fulfill.

A regular day begins with awakening followed by a nutritious breakfast. High nutrition meals are emphasized on the 10 Acre Ranch as many patients neglect their nutrition during addiction period, which can cause very serious damage to internal organs. After the breakfast is done, each patient is given household chores that they need to complete before their morning therapy session. After the session each patient is given some free time before lunch for physical recreation.

The afternoon starts with lunch, followed by specialty groups, recovery activities and assignments and lastly individual therapy with the appointed counselor.

The evening consists of a dinner and a 12-step meeting, followed by some leisure time and lights out.

There are several ways that a patient can pay for their treatment at 10 Acre Ranch which includes:

  •         Insurance payment & preauthorization
  •         Self payment
  •         Sliding scale fees
  •         Combination of insurance & private payment


The 10 Acre Ranch offers a unique combination of many different activities that all come together in a very complex and effective treatment plan. Each patient at the 10 Acre Ranch is given a more detailed attention and care than in other rehabilitation center due to their high staff-to-patient ratio. This ensures that each patient leaves the facility feeling completely ready for sober living and capable of fighting relapse.

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