Heritage Oaks Hospital, Sacramento, California

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Heritage Oaks Hospital Overview

Heritage Oaks Hospital is a facility that specializes in the rehabilitation of patients who present signs of addiction to different drugs, as well as the co-occurring disorders that are often found among these patients. The facility provides patients access to licensed therapists that are able to help them become sober, as well as help address other issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health problems.
Apart from the services that are offered to adults, the facility also has dedicated departments that cater to treating behavioral and mental health problems among children and teenagers. Patients are always provided with a customized treatment plan, as general approaches toward treating addictions and mental disorders often do not provide the same results in all patients.

Heritage Oaks Hospital Housing

Heritage Oaks Hospital is a very large facility that can provide residential treatment to many patients at a time. The facility has been divided into multiple departments, with each department offering specialized services, such as treatment for adolescents and children, residential treatment for adults, and, of course, detoxification for patients who are just starting to recover from an addiction. In total, 80 beds are located in the facility.
The beds are divided among the different departments and patients are required to share their rooms with other patients who are of the same gender. All rooms are spacious and come with twin beds for the patient’s convenience.

Heritage Oaks Hospital Treatment Options

The treatment services that are offered by Heritage Oaks Hospital are divided into three categories in order to make it easier for the nurses to admit a patient into an appropriate program. These categories include:

  • Adult Inpatient Programs
  • Child and Adolescent Inpatient Programs
  • Outpatient Programs
  • Adult inpatient services may include:
  • Stabilization and detoxification
  • Cognitive behavior treatment
  • Medication management and evaluation
  • Relapse prevention planning

Outpatient programs may include several types of therapies, along with medication management. The programs offered to children and adolescents primarily focuses on treating mental health issues and may include both therapy services and medication management as well.

Heritage Oaks Hospital Therapies Provided

Heritage Oaks Hospital is contracted with multiple therapists to ensure each patient can gain access to a psychiatrist, therapist, and a counselor that are appropriate to the specific conditions that they are experiencing. The therapeutic services that the facility may provide to the patient, depending on their condition and the treatment program they are admitted to, may include:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • Expressive therapies
  • Recreational therapies

Heritage Oaks Hospital Payment Options

Heritage Oaks Hospital has dedicated admission nurses on standby to assist a patient during the admissions process. The patient will be interviewed by the nurse to help the facility determine the specific conditions that the patient is experiencing, and how the facility can best assist them in their recovery. No fees are charged for the initial assessment, but the patient will be responsible for any costs incurred after being admitted.
The facility prefers that a patient brings along their insurance card, as they accept a large number of insurance agencies. Many patients will be covered for the treatment provided at Heritage Oaks Hospital. Those individuals who are not covered by such an insurance policy will either have to pay for their treatment upfront or make appropriate financial arrangements.

Heritage Oaks Hospital Accreditations

We were unable to find any information related to whether Heritage Oaks Hospital has been licensed with the appropriate authorities in the California state. The company does share a National Quality Approval seal that was accredited to them by the Joint Commission on their website. This means that patients will be offered high-quality services when they decide to undergo treatment for their mental health problems or addiction at this facility.

Heritage Oaks Hospital Amenities

Amenities that are made available to patients who need to undergo treatment at Heritage Oaks Hospital include access to a lounge, which is fitted with a television, as well as several books that patients can utilize if they prefer reading over watching television and movies. The lounge also offers patients access to a selection of board games that they can play when they have free time on their hands.
Each of the patients who are admitted to residential care at Heritage Oaks Hospital will be provided three meals per day that has been prepared in a way to support their well-being. A nutritionist has been employed to ensure meals are balanced. Patients with dietary restrictions or specific food allergies can report these issues during their admissions process.

Heritage Oaks Hospital Staff

Heritage Oaks Hospital’s official website does not provide any data on the staff members that are part of the medical team or the management team at the facility. Patients may find this somewhat unpleasant, as knowing beforehand who will be providing their treatment can make the patient feel more comfortable, knowing that the physicians and other staff members who will be caring for them are appropriately licensed and qualified.
The company does state on their website that some of the physicians and therapists who offer services as part of their treatment programs are independent practitioners and not officially employed by the Heritage Oaks Hospital. Any person who might be interested in utilizing the treatment programs that the facility offers can gain more information about the staff members who are involved in these programs by contacting the facility directly.

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