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Aurora Behavioral Health Care Overview

Aurora Behavioral Health Care is a complete mental treatment facility that offers patients access to quite an extensive range of treatment services that can be utilized to target some common mental health problems that the general population often experience. The treatment center is not only appropriate for individuals who are suffering from an addiction disorder, such as chemical abuse or drug addiction, but is also adequate for those who may be experiencing other mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, depression, and more.
Patients who might be interested in being admitted to a customized treatment solution at Aurora Behavioral Health Care can get in touch with the facility through a toll-free number but should realize that the treatment does not come cheap. Just as the quality of the services provided is exceptionally high, the prices also reach to the more expensive side compared to some of the other facilities that are also available.
The facility originally founded their first center in San Diego, but have since expanded and now offer treatment services to patients in other regions, including Texas, Arizona, Illinois, and Nevada. Patients of all ages are welcomed, including children, adolescents, and adults, to undergo treatment at these facilities.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care Housing

When the admissions staff members at the facility found that the patient will have a better chance at recovery through an inpatient program, then the patient will be admitted to the facility, which features hospital-styled accommodation. The San Diego branch of Aurora Behavioral Health Care can provide treatment for up to 80 patients at a time. Patients are required to share bedrooms, with two beds being fitted in each of the rooms. Each room is gender specific, which means male and female patients will not be placed in one single room at any given time.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care Treatment Options

The treatment offerings at Aurora Behavioral Health Care depends on the specific condition that the patient has when they are admitted to the center, as well as the patient’s age, and the severity of the condition that they are suffering from. Treatments are categorized as follow:

  • Military Treatment Services
  • Youth Treatment Services
  • Adult Treatment Services
  • Older Adult Treatment Services
  • Chemical Dependence Treatment
  • Outpatient Services

The patient first needs to undergo an initial admissions process before they will be placed into any of the programs that the company has to offer. This process is important and ensures an appropriate individualized plan can be developed for each patient.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care Therapies Provided

Aurora Behavioral Health Care offers different therapy services that are provided to the patient after they have been admitted. The specific types of therapies also depend on the patient’s age and condition, but generally tend to include individual sessions with an appropriate therapist, as well as access to group therapy in some cases.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care Payment Options

Aurora Behavioral Health Care accepts a large number of insurance programs. Patients can undergo services at the center if they are insured by either a private insurance company or a federally-funded healthcare program. Some of the insurance providers accepted include:

  • Aetna
  • American Psych Systems
  • Beacon Health Strategies
  • Blue Cross
  • HealthSmart
  • TriCare
  • Holman Group
  • Medi-Care
  • Managed Health Network
  • Care 1st

It should be noted that these are only a few of the insurance providers that the facility accepts. The admission staff at the center are able to help the patient verify with their insurance provider whether undergoing treatment at Aurora Behavioral Health Care would be covered on the plan that they are insured under.
The company does not provide any details in regards to self-pay and financing options.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care Accreditations

While Aurora Behavioral Health Care has not made any statements in regards to whether they have been licensed with state authorities, they do share on their website an accreditation they received from the Joint Commission.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care Amenities

While the patients who are being treated at Aurora Behavioral Health Care are not allowed to utilize personal electronic devices, such as their computers or a smartphone, there is a media room available. The room provides the patients access to a television, which can be utilized when they have some free time. Board games are also available in the media room. All of the patients have access to medical staff whenever they need assistance or support, as there are always staff members on duty monitoring patients 24/7.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care Staff

Aurora Behavioral Health Care’s official website does provide some information about the staff members that are part of their medical team, but the data provided are very basic and limited. The majority of the information provided simply includes a name, with only a couple of names accompanied by the title of the particular staff members. No photos are provided, which means the patient interested in being treated at the center will not be able to put a face to any of the names provided here and may feel a little uncomfortable without knowing who will be serving them during their treatment period.

  • Thomas Flanagan (MD) – Medical Director
  • A. Ari Albala (MD) – Associate Medical Director
  • Anil Patel (MD)
  • Satya Tata (MD)
  • Mario Salguero (MD, PhD)
  • Joshua Hall (MD, PhD)
  • Ryan Wilke (DO)
  • Steven James (MD)
  • Chris Benbow (MD)
  • Ivan Baroya (MD)

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