Henry Ohlhoff House, San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California, USA
601 Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA, 94117

Henry Ohlhoff House Overview

Henry Ohlhoff House is a residential program created for men addicted to drugs and alcohol. The program, which is a part of Ohlhoff Recovery Programs treatment center, provides short- and long-term treatments lasting between 6 and 12 months. Thousands of men have been treated at Henry Ohlhoff House since its formation 50 years ago. The program is one of the most reputable treatments for substance abuse in the area, possibly in the whole country.

Henry Ohlhoff House Housing

The short-term residential program for men is held in smaller back houses at the historic Henry Ohlhoff estate. These houses can host up to 15 men at once. Two patients share a room with twin-sized beds and dressers. House also comes with a big kitchen, living room with TV, and a dining room all of which are communal spaces shared by residents.
The Victorian mansion is reserved for transitional programs, and it can accommodate 30 to 40 men at once. In this house, four men share a room, but there are also communal spaces. Three meals a day are served, and diet is healthy and well-balanced. The goal was to create a home-like, comfortable environment where patients will feel safe, supportive, and motivated.

Henry Ohlhoff House Treatment Options

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs offers a variety of treatment options for men and women who want to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction in a safe, comfortable, and supportive setting. Henry Ohlhoff House is one of those programs and, as mentioned above, it’s a residential program created specifically for men with substance abuse problem. The program is based on the 12-step approach and uses evidence-based methods to help patients recover.
Both short-term and long-term treatment is available. The program lasts between six and 12 months, and it involves different activities including group therapies, individual counseling, communal dinner with other residents, 12-step meetings, six-week exit planning group, sober living environment, and many others.
Besides Henry Ohlhoff House, the treatment center also provides other programs such as:

  • Skip Byron Primary Program – 30-day clinical program for patients who are in the early stages of recovery. It offers both residential and an intensive day treatment
  • Women’s residential program – divide into 30-day and 3-6 months programs dedicated to women only. These programs offer similar therapies and activities like Henry Ohlhoff House
  • Intensive outpatient – a variety of individualized treatment options for adolescents, adults, and families in a safe, positive, and nurturing community environment. Adult chemical dependency program lasts 26 weeks while the program for adolescent lasts four to six weeks
  • Teen intervene – free substance abuse counseling in San Francisco public schools

Henry Ohlhoff House Therapies Provided

Henry Ohlhoff House is a truly remarkable program that involves various therapies that male patients can attend in order to overcome their substance abuse problem more effectively. Therapies are held in an individual or group setting. Both types of therapies are equally important for the patient’s recovery, so it’s important to attend both of them. Patients participate in two counselor-facilitated peer groups and one or more individual sessions during each week.
Education groups feature sober identity, emotional sobriety, mindfulness in sobriety, family group, social skills, relapse prevention, and other 12-step work.
Therapies provided by Ohlhoff Recovery Programs, in general, include:

  • Art/drama therapy
  • Recreational therapy (arts outings, tennis, etc.)
  • Family group therapy
  • Henry Ohlhoff House Payment Options

Although Ohlhoff Recovery Programs arranged multiple treatment options the Henry Ohlhoff House is the only program for which prices are revealed.

Henry Ohlhoff House Prices

Men are required to make an initial payment for first and last two weeks of the program upon submission. As seen above, men with insurance coverage pay $1520 while private pay clients need to cash in $2200. For men with insurance coverage, the weekly rate is $210 while private pay clients are charged $550. The treatment center is a preferred provider with most insurance companies.

Henry Ohlhoff House Licenses

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs is certified and licensed by the State of California Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. Other accreditations and certificates aren’t displayed on the official website at this point.

Henry Ohlhoff House Amenities

The treatment center provides well-structured programs for both men and women. They have a great team of professionals who oversee various therapies and support dual diagnosis cases. Not much is revealed about amenities that are a part of treatment programs at this facility, but some of them include:

  • Education
  • Urine analysis
  • Discharge planning
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Nutrition education
  • Involvement in local community service

Henry Ohlhoff House Staff

According to the official website quality of programming at this facility is the highest in the field thanks to the multi-disciplinary team consisting of marriage and family therapists, certified alcohol and drug counselors as well as other addiction professionals. While names and short bios of each team member aren’t revealed on the website, there’s a list of persons who are in the management staff. These include:

Arlene Stanich-Prince

Arlene Stanich-Prince is executive director at this facility. She has a vast experience in different roles such as counselor and clinical coordinator. Arlene’s focus is on substance abuse treatment, dual diagnosis, family and intervention, women in recovery.

John Halverson

John Halverson joined the treatment center back in 2010 and has worked at different positions such as primary counselor and program director at Henry Ohlhoff House Men’s 6-month residential program. His focus is on substance abuse treatment, dual diagnosis, and a mindfulness-based treatment and recovery.

Jessica Allanson

Jessica Allanson is a program director of outpatient treatment. She joined the Ohlhoff in 2011 and gained experience working at positions involving residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment, community mental health, and harm reduction settings. Jessica’s specialties involve substance abuse treatment, holistic mental health, and differential mental health diagnosis.

Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan is a program director at Skip Byron Primary Program. He joined the team in September 2017. Matt’s focus is on substance abuse treatment.

Dr. Lennart Moller

Dr. Lennart Moller is a psychiatrist who joined the team in 2005. He has a prolific career that involves residency at the University of Hawaii, a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, and chief resident at California Pacific Medical Center. Lennart’s focus is on acute psychiatric issues, LGBT mental health issues, and depression and bipolar disorder treatment.

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