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Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Overview

Pathway Society is a company that specializes in providing patients in the local county area access to treatment programs that aim to assist in the recovery of addictions. The facility focuses on keeping their prices low so that more people are able to afford the treatment options that they have to offer; thus ensuring more addicts can gain access to an opportunity to recover successfully from their drug dependency issues and alcohol addictions. The company is registered as a nonprofit organization and was initially founded in the year 1964. Over the last five decades, Pathway Society has grown significantly and has greatly expanded the number of options they are able to make available to patients in need of recovery services.
The Mariposa Lodge is a residential treatment unit owned by Pathway Society and solely provide treatment and accommodation to female patients who are suffering from an addiction. The center is equipped with all basic amenities and features that patients need access to while they are staying at the facility to ensure they are comfortable and to help them throughout the entire recovery phase. Patients are introduced to a sober-living environment at the Mariposa Lodge that encourages them to be productive and responsible, as well as provides them with the opportunity to have an independent life while they are undergoing treatment.

Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Housing

The Mariposa Lodge at Pathway Society does not treat hundreds of women at a time like some of the other rehabilitation centers. Instead, only 34 patients in total can stay at the lodge, ensuring a more individualized approach can be taken to assist the patients in treating their addictions. Rooms are double-occupancy, which means two patients will need to share a room at a time. In addition to housing 34 women in the main facility, a separate unit has also been established at the lodge that provides accommodation for up to six patients who are undergoing detox.

Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Treatment Options

The Pathway Society Mariposa Lodge primarily focuses on providing patients access to residential recovery services that expose them to a sober-living environment where they will reside while they are treated for their addictions. Patients are assessed individually, and a staff member will create a dedicated treatment plan especially for the particular patient – the treatment program may include a range of different treatment options to assist in the patient’s recovery.

  • Inpatient addiction recovery services
  • Counseling services
  • Relapse prevention services
  • Aftercare services
  • Family programs

Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Therapies Provided

Patients who are treated for their addictions in a residential program at the Pathway Society Mariposa Lodge will need to undergo frequent sessions with a dedicated therapist to help address their root issues and to ensure the patient is able to recover from the addictions that they have been admitted for. While one-on-one sessions are the primary therapy option provided, patients will also undergo group counseling sessions and may also be offered access to family therapy programs.

Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Payment Options

To ensure as many patients as possible can be helped through the treatment programs that are offered at Pathway Society’s Mariposa Lodge, the organization decided to utilize a sliding-scale model for the fees they charge patients. After a patient has been assessed through an initial consultation with an appropriate counselor at the facility, the patient will need to speak to the financial counselor and provide proof of their income and expenses. This will allow the financial counselor to determine the most appropriate price that the patient should be billed for the services that need to be rendered to them.

Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Accreditations

The official website that represents Pathway Society does not provide details of the credential held by the organization as a whole or the Mariposa Lodge in particular, which provide treatment services to female patients in need of residential care. Patients are advised to contact the facility directly if they would like to know if the Joint Commission, CARF, or any other bodies in the U.S. have provided the organization with any type of accreditations in the past.

Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Amenities

Even though Pathway Society’s Mariposa Lodge focuses on making treatment as affordable as possible for every patient in need of recovery services, they do seem to go the extra mile in terms of making amenities available to the female patients who will reside at their lodge. Art therapy is offered to patients, along with several extra-curricular activities that are attended off-site. There are also yoga classes that patients can take advantage of.

Pathway Society: Mariposa Lodge Staff

The Pathway Society official website is quite limited in terms of the information that is shared regarding the various services they offer. We found that the company does not provide any details of staff members that patients should expect to meet while they are staying at the Mariposa Lodge owned by the Pathway Society organization.
This can definitely be a downside for potential clients who need access to affordable treatment services for the addictions that they are suffering from, but the issue could be solved by giving the administrative office at the Mariposa Lodge a call. A staff member should be able to provide the patient with adequate information to help them understand if the staff members at the facility are qualified and experienced in dealing with people who are struggling to overcome substance abuse disorders.

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