Capo by The Sea Rehab, San Juan Capistrano, California

Capo By the Sea Rehab Review
26682 Avenida Las Palmas
San Juan Capistrano, CA, 92624

Capo by the Sea makes no effort to cover-up its golden sheen. Capo by the Sea is a luxury rehab, halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Capo by the Sea has been in operation for over 20 years. It services primarily an older, professional clientele for substance use and dual diagnosis disorders with their treatment and amenity options that cater more to a pampered lifestyle.

Exceeding Your Expectations

The Capo by the Sea house was custom built for the express purpose of creating a home worthy to be a residential rehab center for the wealthy. The house, located in one of America’s most exclusive resort communities, sits on a residential street lined with palm trees.

Capo by the Sea has two locations since it subscribes to the Florida model of treatment. Its administrative offices and residential program are separate and patients get driven to their treatment session every day.

Accommodations at the residence include private rooms, semi-private rooms and an executive suite. The interiors of the house feature luxury furnishings and amenities.

Kitchen islands tiled with marble. Stairs covered in redwood flooring. Carpeted floors in the semi-private and private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Private bathrooms with sliding door showers and hot tub baths.

Capo by the Sea wants their residents to feel like they are safe and secure. Capo by the Sea tries to remove the stigma of being addicted to substances and helps their clients feel like they are getting help and not being punished.

Given its key demographic consists of successful and busy professionals, Capo by the Sea allows inpatient residents access to their phones and personal computers. They even provide a designated space for them to conduct their business affairs inside the residence.

Capo by the Sea makes allowances for clients that most other don’t. Pets can come along with their owners into the residential treatment program. Clients can leave the residence if they so desire, although Capo by the Sea assigns them a personal therapist so their recovery can take on a mobile format.

Capo by the Sea even offers a private treatment home for its most exclusive clients. The breadth of recreational options also seems never-ending.

Close to the ocean, clients can undertake any of the leisure activities most associated with Southern California. Clients can choose to paddleboard, play golf, run on the beach, go deep sea fishing and enjoy skimming across the waves on Capo by the Sea’s private boat.

Dreams Come True

Capo by the Sea treats a range of different mental health and substance use disorders. There are also treatment tracks available for dual diagnosis sufferers.

Patients requiring withdrawal treatments can get them at Capo by the Sea’s dedicated, medically supervised detox program located on the facility. Opiate withdrawal sufferers can get prescribed Suboxone and Naltrexone if their symptoms persist.

Capo by the Sea offers inpatient and outpatient treatments for its wealthy clients. Treatment stays can vary in length. Some may not be able to commit for as long as it is needed, but that decision is ultimately made in conjunction with your treatment team.

Clients enrolled in the inpatient residential program enjoy many different therapy options. Cognitive behavioral therapy figures prominently in most of Capo by the Sea’s treatment plans. Clients can also attend various group and individual counseling sessions where topics such as addiction education and relapse prevention techniques are broached.

Although Capo by the Sea does not necessarily endorse a 12-Step approach, they do accommodate clients wanting to participate in 12-Step meetings by arranging transportation or hosting meetings at the house.

Once a client is ready to leave inpatient treatment, Capo by the Sea suggests making a move to its sober living facility. The sober living house hosts graduates of the residential program in a structured environment but allows them more freedom to work and stay with family, while receiving aftercare treatments.

Capo by the Sea does not shy away from the label “luxury rehab.” It embraces the label, so much so that you can enjoy a round of golf with Capo by the Sea executives, which goes toward counting as a treatment session.

Capo by the Sea offers gold coast trappings and amenities to make you feel like you’re really getting away from it all. Everything will be taken care of for you while you receive expert treatment from a team of experienced, dedicated professionals.

Prices for a semi-private room for 30 days at Capo By the Sea: $24,500

Price for a private room for 30 days at Capo By the Sea: $32,500

Price for executive suite for 30 days at Capo By the Sea: $42,500

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Capo By the Sea
26682 Avenida Las Palmas
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92624

27130 Paseo Espada, Suite 521
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-2719





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