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Bright Heart Health Overview

Bright heart rehab was established in 2015 at the heart of Costa County of San Ramon in California. The rehab facility aims in helping patients suffering from substance abuse, opioids issues as well as eating disorders problem. It is a facility that offers outpatient treatment where each patient is allocated a team of health care experts to help them recover from their problem. Due to their vast experience in dealing with substance abuse patients, the facility has expanded its health treatment to telehealth, which has numerous accesses across the United States of America.
This has made it possible for patients suffering from substance abuse or eating disorders issues to get the help they need even if they are miles away. The treatment facility offers their health care to both adults and adolescent group. They also expect the outpatients to participate in both individual therapies as well as group therapies.

Bright Heart Health Housing

No housing facilities are available to patients who are in need of treatment at Bright Heart Health, since the facility only specializes in offering patients a range of outpatient treatment services. Patients will be able to visit the facility’s local building in order to undergo therapy, medication management, and the other services that are available at Bright Heart Health, but will need to arrange for their own accommodation during the period of their treatment.

Bright Heart Health Treatment Options

During individual programs, a number of treatment programs are applied such as:

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Life skill programs
  • Stress management programs
  • Coping skill programs
  • Counseling services
  • Relapse prevention services

There are also nutritional counseling therapies that help to deal with the eating disorder issues, EMDR among others. There are also weekend therapies for binge and compulsive eaters. However, these group options are for 15 years old individuals going upwards. Such programs are private since most patients prefer privacy.
Bright heart health rehab facility offers another program known as an opioid program. This treatment is offered either face to face or online. The patients are treated after every two weeks by their doctor with a Suboxone medicine. However, a follow up is done weekly by a therapist.
In addition to providing treatment services that can assist in addressing the patient’s addictions, the facility is also able to help the patient address any mental health concerns that they might experience. Such conditions will be diagnosed during an initial consultation with a therapist at the facility. Should the patient experience signs of anxiety, depression, and similar issues, they will be provided access to the dual-diagnosis program offered at Bright Heart Health.

Bright Heart Health Therapies Provided

The rehab facility has experts who offer trauma, somatic therapy not forgetting the equine therapy for patients who suffer years of substance abuse. There are also family sessions where the loved ones of the patient can attend to learn more about dealing with such problems. This way, they will be able to support their loved one to their recovery road.
Some experiential therapy options are also offered to the patients who come to Bright Heart Health for the treatment of their substance abuse problems, along with mental health disorders. Art therapy is only one example of such treatment options that are presented to the patients who come to the facility.

Bright Heart Health Payment Options

According to the bright heart health official website, they accept insurance payment option from the majority of companies such as Cigna, Aetna to mention the least. However, each individual’s medical coverage depends on the type of insurance they took. For those who prefer to pay out of their pocket, the rehab facility is fine with the option. You can use payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, American Express to mention but a few.

Bright Heart Health Accreditations

Bright heart health rehab staff and treatment care are accredited. According to their website, their treatment care license differs from the primary location state. For instance, they have a license number 10532 from North Carolina.

Bright Heart Health Amenities

No residential programs are offered to the patients who come to Bright Heart Health, which is why there is not a significant number of amenities that patients might want to know about. Every patient will undergo treatment at the main facility, or through the telemedicine services offered at the facility, but will be required to stay at their own home during the period of treatment.
There are some useful therapeutic options, such as equine therapy, that the patient is provided access to, however. Some experimental treatment options have also been developed by the center. It should be noted that the facility does have meal support programs available for patients who are in a difficult financial position.

Bright Heart Health Staff

The rehab facility has a professional team who are highly qualified they include psychiatrists, physicians, and counselors to mention the least. They offer their services online or face to face for 24/7. Each personnel is qualified in a different medical field. They offer their services with excellence. The staffs are patient, kind and friendly. They understand what their patients are going through. Therefore, they oversee each patient’s recovers successfully. For any queries, contact the coordinator of Bright Heart Health.

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