Cooper Fellowship, Santa Ana, California

California foothills Santa Ana
409 North Cooper St
Santa Ana, CA, 92703

Overview of Cooper Fellowship

Cooper Fellowship is a drug and alcohol treatment center that offers residential treatment services for alcohol and substance abuse. The center provides a safe and private environment where clients can start on their healing journey and ultimately achieve everlasting recovery. It serves adult males and females. The mission at Cooper Fellowship is to offer a sober living community to individuals struggling with substance abuse through a mixed-model of treatment programs primarily based on the 12-steps philosophy. The 12-steps model is integrated with innovative and evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy to provide comprehensive treatment services to clients. Through the residential setting, clients are offered individual and group therapy as well as 12-step programming to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. Clients are empowered to overcome their addiction through motivation and dedication. They are taught life skills and emotional skills which help them leave their old habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle where they can live drug-free and prevent relapse. The experienced and trained staff works with clients in an individual and residential setting to help them maximize their potential and set realistic goals for themselves. The staff provides 24-hour service and supervision to clients to make their stay as comfortable as possible at the facility.

Housing and Food

Cooper Fellowship is located in Santa Ana, California as a set of units sprawled across the campus. There are a total of six units with five units designated for clients’ residence and the sixth unit for administration’s residence and other treatment rooms. The center can accommodate a total of 60 male and female patients with gender-specific rooms for them. Rooms are semi-private which 2-3 residents share. Each room is furnished with beds, side tables, and storage areas for clients. Each unit consists of bathrooms which residents of that unit share. There is a common room in every unit which is comfortably furnished to give a warm and cozy feeling to residents. Residents can relax and watch TV in the common rooms during breaks. Clients are responsible for doing their own cleaning and laundry. They are assigned daily chores of cleaning and maintenance of their units as well including cleaning the kitchens and doing the dishes. There is a pool at the campus which provides a healthy outdoor activity for clients. An exercise room serves as a place where clients can engage in healthy physical activity to achieve fitness. Clients are provided with nutritious meals three times a day. Snacks and drinks are available for clients throughout the day in the cafeteria.

Treatment Options at Cooper Fellowship

The different treatment options available at Cooper Fellowship are:

  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Sober Living Facilities
  • Parolee Services Program

The following substances’ abuse is treated at Cooper Fellowship:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Illegal Drugs


Cooper Fellowship offers the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 12-Step Programming
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Social Skills

Payment Options at Cooper Fellowship

Cooper Fellowship offers residential treatment services to adult males and females for addiction and substance abuse. The treatment services are individualized for each patient. A personalized treatment plan is created for each client after careful assessment and evaluation of the individual case. The approximate cost of treatment is about $2,000 for 30 days. The center accepts insurance plans of a few companies the details of which could be obtained from the admissions staff at the center. They offer guidance to clients and families in deciding the most affordable financial plan for the treatment. Private-pay options are also available for clients and families.

Licenses and Accreditations

Cooper Fellowship has the following accreditations and licenses:
Licensed by the State of California

Cooper Fellowship Advantages

Cooper Fellowship is an alcohol and drug treatment center that provides its services to adults. The residential program offers individualized treatment plans for each client. Every client is evaluated at the time of admission by a licensed clinician who creates personalized treatment plans for them. Clients are then admitted in the residential program where they follow the schedule and routine outlined for them. This includes participating in chores as well as attending various therapies and sessions. Therapies include individual counseling, group counseling, 12-step meetings, emotional and life skills education, and crisis intervention. Holistic approaches to treatment are employed to treat the mind, body, and spirit of each client. Each client’s progress is evaluated during the course of treatment to assess where he/she stands. The treatment plan is modified according to the progress of the client. This ensures that the treatment which best suits the client is offered.

Staff at Cooper Fellowship

Cooper Fellowship has been offering its treatment services to clients for more than 35 years now. The center offers high-quality, comprehensive treatment services to males and females struggling with alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues. The trained and licensed staff help clients in overcoming addiction and move towards recovery. The staff members are highly experienced in providing healing and counseling to clients in a behavioral health and addiction treatment setting. Some of the staff members are in recovery themselves which helps them connect with clients at a better level. They provide a comprehensive continuum of care 24 hours a day in helping clients leave their old habits and bring about a positive change in their lives. The staff at the Cooper Fellowship comprises an administrative team which is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the campus including taking care of admissions, finances, human resources, etc. The clinical team comprises clinicians, counselors, licensed clinical social workers, licensed social workers, case managers, and other technicians. The support staff helps in the maintenance and logistics of the campus.

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