Santa Cruz Residential Recovery Treatment Center, Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Residential Recovery Rehab Review
125 Rigg Street
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Santa Cruz Residential Recovery is an addiction treatment facility that operates under the umbrella of Encompass Community Services. The network was founded back in 1973 with a vision of providing help and support to individuals struggling with substance abuse disorder.

The facility in Santa Cruz offers only inpatient treatment services.

Santa Cruz Residential Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The treatment at the Santa Cruz Residential Recovery is based on the 12-step philosophy and Denial management whose main goal is to help a client permanently change the way of thinking and break a cycle of maladaptive behavior. That is accomplished through reflection and peer support.

The recovery includes individual counseling, written assignments, group therapy, and 12-step meetings. Activities are also based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma processing.

The staff at the center consists of therapists and counselors. The services of medical personnel are not available at the Santa Cruz facility, and clients in need of medical care due to co-occurring disorders are referred to another facility.

Facilities and Extras

The facility looks like a large cabin and has the capacity to accommodate no more than 25 residents. Clients share their rooms which are gender-specific.

The staff prepares meals on-site and serves them in a common dining area. Additionally, clients can use small workout room for exercise.

The center provides sober living and job training services, as well as continuing care in the form of a 12-step community.

Rules and Regulations in Santa Cruz Residential Recovery

The average duration of the rehabilitation process at the Santa Cruz Residential recovery is two months. Teenagers are not allowed to participate in the program. In order to start the recovery, clients have to be at least three days sober. Unfortunately, detox is not available on-site.

The cost of a 30-day stay at the center is $3,700.


Santa Cruz Residential Recovery provides inpatient treatment services to women and men struggling with substance abuse. The treatment is based on the 12-step philosophy, evidence-based practices, and trauma processing conducted in both individual and group settings. In order to be admitted to the center a client has to be sober at least three days.

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