Athena House California Human Development, Santa Rosa, California

Green Hills of Santa Rosa, CA
3315 Airway Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA, 95403

Overview of Athena House

Athena House is part of the California Human Development and it provides treatment services for drug and alcohol addiction. It has offered recovery services to women for over 35 years. Athena House believes that drug or alcohol addiction can not only destroy health but relations, finances and freedom of an addict and his/her family members. Therefore, they offer quality treatment to patients and assist them on the road to a happy, healthy and drug-free living. The staff at Athena House are highly trained and state-certified counselors many of whom have personal experience in recovery from addiction. This first hand knowledge and experience enables them to better understand and communicate with the clients and help them attain recovery as well. Athena House offers residential treatment as well as outpatient services to its clients. Residential treatment can be anywhere from 30 days to twelve months’ duration with 26 weeks of free aftercare. The staff creates personalized care plans for each client to holistically treat their mind, body and spirit. Clients are taught life skills and empowered so that they can rebuild their lives and relationships once they leave the facility. Athena House also offers aftercare services to its alumni to support and assist them in their new, healthy lives.

Housing and Food

Athena House California Human Development is located in the beautiful hills of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa. The facility is nestled between the lush green and thick trees of the County. The facility offers a peaceful, serene and private environment to its residents who feel safe and at peace to start their recovery journey. The residential treatment facility is called the Stonehouse Inn. It is built in cobblestone walls and stone architecture. The facility can accommodate 40 women at one time. Residents share rooms which are huge and beautifully decorated in dim lights and antique furniture. Each room has an attached bathroom which is spacious and luxuriously equipped. Some bathrooms even have a jacuzzi tub. There is a common room which gives a rustic outlook. It is equipped with a television which residents are allowed to watch on Saturdays. Recreational activities of residents are also encouraged such as exercise, sport and training sessions. Residents are responsible for their cooking. They are assisted by some staff in the kitchen during meal preparation. Residents are assigned turns on which they cook with the staff. Meals are served in the dining area three times a day where all residents eat together.

Treatment Options at Athena House

The different treatment options available at Athena House are:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Outpatient Services
  • After Care Services
  • Sober Living Homes

Following substances’ abuse is treated at Athena House:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Prescription Painkillers

Therapies at Athena House

Athena House provides the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Parenting Education and Family Reunification
  • Job Readiness Preparation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Self Esteem Training
  • Extensive 12-Step Involvement

Payment Options

Athena House offers quality care to women and youth suffering from alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. The residential and outpatient treatment helps women overcome their addiction and adopt healthier lifestyles. They are then offered sober living environments with transitional housing. Athena House is a non-profit organization. Thus, it offers all these life changing services at affordable rates to its clients. These rates are almost 70% less than other facilities offering similar services. Athena House also accepts Medi-cal and most insurance plans in order to make its services accessible to as many troubled women as possible at much affordable rates.

Licenses and Accreditations of Athena House

Lifetime Recovery Inc. has the following accreditations and licenses:

  • License by the State of California

Athena House Advantages

Athena House, a part of California Human Development, is a non-profit state licensed treatment facility that offers residential and outpatient services for drug and alcohol addiction. The facility is dedicated for women and female youth who suffer from addiction and behavioral health disorders. Athena House offers a safe and private environment to troubled women to help them overcome those obstacles that stop them from achieving lasting recovery. Women are empowered to take a hold of their lives and strive to achieve their true potential. At Athena House, patients are not only offered individualized treatment plans but also referrals to community services such as housing, employment, health coverage, and food and legal assistance; and transition planning to prevent relapse. In this way, clients are able to comprehend the basis of addiction and learn new life skills to achieve long-term sobriety. The treatment modalities make use of tried and tested therapies to help patients live a drug-free and happy life.

Staff at Athena House

The staff at Athena House comprises of an Executive Team, an Administrative Team and a Clinical Team. The Clinical staff consists of counselors, social workers, nurses and other supporting staff. Most of the staff at Athena House is certified by the state of California. The counselors and social workers are highly trained and qualified to carry out their jobs. Many of the counselors are themselves in recovery from some kind of addiction. Having experienced the negative effects of addiction and then getting free from it, they are in a better situation to disseminate that knowledge to the clients. Clients also feel a type of bond with them when they know that they have also been through the same difficulties and problems. They can communicate with the counselors more easily and freely hold discussions with them. They are better able to identify the root causes of their addiction and try to overcome them to move forward towards healing. This makes their journey towards recovery much easier.

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