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Sober College
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The Sober College rehab program represents a new direction in treating young adult substance abuse problems. Sober College provides comprehensive addiction and co-occurring disorder care in a variety of locations around Los Angeles, with its main facility in Woodland Hills being where it houses its residential treatment program.

Services at Sober College vary from substance abuse treatments in both inpatient and outpatient formats to sober living facilities and an educational component that sees young people given the chance to continue their education in tandem with receiving treatment.

A New Direction

Sober College espouses a gender-specific program, so young men and women live and receive treatment separately. The residences, treatment centers, and sober living facilities are relatively new, and it shows both inside and out.

Men in the residential treatment program have three different residence to choose from, these include the Oxnard, Keokuk and Friar houses. The Eaves house is Sober College’s men-only transitional living residence.

Women have only one residential option during inpatient treatment, which is the Melvin House. The women’s sober living facility is located at the Montecito Apartments.

Both houses offer a sorority like atmosphere. Residents enjoy communal living within homes that boast modern amenities, outdoor relaxation areas, BBQ pits and comfortable lounges inside.

Youth With Youth

The reason for many different residential living facilities is because the Sober College residential program operates on a graduated system. New patients start off with few privileges and freedoms, and they slowly begin earning more of both after they have accomplished individual recovery goals and challenges.

The main attraction of Sober College is its age-specific program that allows young people to bond quickly with each other given their similar ages and life experiences. The age-specific component is especially useful during 12-Step meetings which make up the core of Sober College’s treatment portfolio.

Sober College’s treatment philosophy is based around the Five Core Competencies, which are sobriety, emotional growth, life skills training, productivity and fitness. All five of these treatment areas receive attention during inpatient stays.

Another part of the Sober College approach is to show young people the benefits of sobriety and how leading a sober life can be just as fun as a life of abusing substances. Sober College takes great care to introduce young people to a variety of sober activities.

Residents participate in intramural sports leagues, go for excursions around the Los Angeles area like rock climbing and deep sea fishing. They also learn life skills while in residence that help prepare them for independent living.

Learning From Each Other

Inpatient stays last for 90 days and can continue for a year. All incoming patients receive assessments by admissions and intake coordinators.

Detox facilities are available to any patients needing them. The aim of the medically supervised detox program at Sober College is to provide a “step-down” to less stringent treatment programs.

The detox period includes constant monitoring by medical staff as well as an introduction to healthy lifestyle training. After detox, Sober College encourages patients to enroll in a residential program.

Residents in the inpatient substance abuse program receive the tools and training needed to combat their addiction problems. Beyond the usual individual and group therapy sessions, Sober College has experiential therapies such as equine therapy and urban experiential activities ideally suited for its environs in Los Angeles.

Treatment for dual diagnosis disorders comes in the form of one-on-one counseling from licensed psychiatrists as well as therapy sessions that employ cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Going Out

The staff at Sober College draw on a wealth of experience and disciplines to help you during your residency, as well as, after your stay. Discharge planning begins when you step down from the inpatient program, for both the mental health and substance abuse track.

Sober College’s outpatient program offers comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment in an outpatient format for those who have already gone through the inpatient setting. Treatment schedules normally last two to three weeks and offer patients aftercare services like relapse prevention skills as well as resources for loved ones.

The sober living residences for both men and women are the final phase of treatment and are reserved for those who have successfully navigated Sober College’s multi-tiered system.

The Sober College rehab center is an ideal setting for addiction and mental health treatment for young people. Sober College places young people among their peers making it easier for them to learn and acclimate to a sober lifestyle.

A combination of treatments and therapies can help you recover from various disorders. And the setting itself in Los Angeles provides a mixture of comfort and care for those who are serious about getting better.

Price for 30 days at Sober College: $10,000

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Sober College
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