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Destinations To Recovery Overview

Destinations To Recovery is a network of multiple facilities that are located in various states. The company focuses on providing highly effective treatment programs that all aim to address addictions among teenagers. Patients who are treated at one of these facilities are also able to gain access to services that can assist in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and anxiety-related issues. A range of treatment programs have been implemented at the facilities, but patients are still analyzed on a one-on-one approach in order to provide them with a customized experience that improves their chances at a more successful recovery.

Destinations To Recovery Housing

Destinations To Recovery has grown over the years and now operates facilities at various locations throughout the United States. Patients will only be provided access to housing if they need to be admitted to a residential treatment program – the need for the specific type of program that would be ideal for the patient is determined by the admission staff who are responsible for the patient’s initial consultation with the facility.
Within the California region, there are four houses where patients can reside during residential care. Each of these houses has adequate space to accommodate up to six patients at a time. Male and female teenage patients are not treated or housed at the same facility. Up to 12 male teenagers and 12 female teenage patients can be accommodated at a time.

Destinations To Recovery Treatment Options

Treatment options included in a program for each patient may defer due to the fact that the facility has staff members that consult with all new patients prior to admission. During the initial consultation, the staff member will determine how severe the patient’s addiction is and also consider whether or not the patient is exhibiting symptoms that are related to a possible co-occurring mental disorder. A treatment program will then be arranged to offer the patient the specific services that they would need to recover at the facility.
The treatment options that may be included as part of a patient’s recovery program at Destinations To Recovery may consist of:

  • Therapeutic services
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Relapse prevention services
  • Alternative therapies
  • 12-step recovery program
  • Medication management
  • Psychiatry services for co-occurring disorders

In addition to these services, patients may also be provided access to aftercare services once they complete their main rehabilitation program.

Destinations To Recovery Therapies Provided

Therapy forms the basis of all the programs that patients are offered at Destinations To Recovery. Each patient will be assessed and then appointed to an appropriate therapist, who will assist the patient in their recovery while they are being treated at the facility. Patients will need to undergo one-on-one sessions with their therapist, as well as attend multiple group meetings every week. In addition to these standard therapeutic services, patients are also offered access to equine therapy and art therapy.

Destinations To Recovery Payment Options

No specific guidelines on the estimated amounts payable for the treatment of a patient’s addiction are provided by Destinations To Recovery. Every patient is unique and will be assessed individually to determine what programs they need to be enrolled in. The patient will be able to understand how much they will need to pay for recovery services once such a program has been established.
Patients who are insured with a medical insurance provider can take their information to the administrative staff at Destinations To Recovery in order to verify their benefits and see if their policy would cover the costs needed for their rehabilitation program.

Destinations To Recovery Accreditations

While no details are provided regarding licenses that have been awarded to Destinations To Recovery, the facility does mention that they have been accredited by CARF. This means the treatment services that patients are offered access to at the facility has been reviewed and approved as quality programs by the staff at the CARF organization.

Destinations To Recovery Amenities

Most of the facilities that are operated by Destinations To Recovery offer a variety of amenities that aim to make the teen patient’s experience more pleasant. The main facilities in California are equipped with an on-site gym, as well as computer stations, an outdoor pool at each facility, and zen gardens. There are also common areas where patients can socialize and relax during their free time.

Destinations To Recovery Staff

While Destinations To Recovery does seem to be an effective rehabilitation center that puts their patient’s needs first, we did find that the facility has not shared any details of the specific staff members that make up their medical team or even their leadership team. For many patients, including the parents of the teenage patients who might be considering treatment at one of the facilities operated by this company, a lack of information regarding the qualifications and, of course, the experience held by staff members could be problematic.
The company does, however, state that they have a relatively large panel of staff members. These include psychiatrists experienced in dealing with addictions, as well as therapists who are experienced in dealing with patients who are suffering from mental health problems.
Patients who would like to know more details about the staff members employed at their nearest Destinations To Recovery facility should contact the company directly. The administrative staff members should be able to provide the patient with further information and help them understand whether staff members are adequately skilled and qualified.

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