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New Life House Overview

The New Life House is a rehabilitation center located in San Pedro, California. There are two houses located in San Pedro which offer a sober living program and an outpatient treatment program to male patients only age 18 to 32 who are struggling with addiction issues – alcohol and drug abuse issues. No female patients are accepted into the facility. The New Life House rehabilitation center was first founded in 1985, and since then it has earned a higher rating – it has been suggested that 80% of the patients do not experience a relapse in the next five years. The New Life House rehabilitation center has been founded by Perry Patricia, who was a recovering alcoholic in the past years.
The programs include individual and group therapy sessions. Apart from the individual and group therapy sessions, the program also includes employment assessment, life skills training, random alcohol, and drug testings, and money management training. Relapse prevention teaches the patients about the issue of addiction and all about the proper recovery process. On-site detoxification is available as well, as patients are required to complete it upon their arrival. Each patient has an individualized treatment program made just for them by the professional team at the New Life House rehabilitation center.

New Life House Housing

Apart from the outpatient treatment program, the facility offers an option for sober living as well. There are two houses that the New Life House uses for the sober living program and as a treatment facility. As a part of the sober living program, approximately 86 patients are accommodated in the facility. They are placed in shared bedrooms with a shared bathroom. All three meals are provided by the facility, included in the price for the sober living program. The facility has a common room, with a TV, a pool table, a foosball, and there is an exercise area which the patients are free to use.

New Life House Treatment Options

The New Life House offers the sole option for the traditional outpatient treatment program:
Outpatient treatment program – The outpatient treatment program at the New Life House rehabilitation center is the standard, traditional treatment program of such kind, found at most rehabilitation centers. As you probably know, opposite to the inpatient, or residential, treatment plan, the outpatient treatment plan does not require an overnight stay as a part of the recovery process itself. Instead, patients are free to live at home and even attend work or school if they are capable of. However, the outpatient treatment program is not for everyone – only mild cases of addiction are recommended to take upon the outpatient treatment program. Others might be referred to the nearest rehabilitation center that provides inpatient treatment program as well. The duration of the outpatient treatment program is a minimum of 90 days, and a maximum of around 12 to 18 months, which is how long most patients choose and are advised to stay.

New Life House Therapies Provided

Therapy methods that can be found at the New Life House are:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Detoxification

New Life House Payment Options

We are sorry to tell you that no information about the payment options nor the possible insurance acceptance is provided via the official website of the New Life House rehabilitation center. In addition, we encourage all of you interested readers who are considering the services provided by the New Life House, to contact the staff via phone and together discuss this topic.

New Life House Licenses

Another information that is not made available to us, is the information regarding the licenses and accreditations that the New Life House rehabilitation center and its staff have earned throughout its active years. Please contact the staff by using the phone number provided in today’s review article to find out more about the accreditations and licenses of the New Life House rehabilitation center.

New Life House Amenities

Outside of therapy, patients are encouraged to meet with each other and hang out. For that purpose, the New Life House rehabilitation center arranges a variety of recreational activities including jogging, hiking, walking, snowboarding, surfing, yoga, workout sessions, etc. as a part of their outpatient treatment program. As you can see yourselves, the New Life House rehabilitation center does not forget about the importance of regular exercise and works to provide enough choices for the patients to choose from.

New Life House Staff

The New Life House employs several certified, professional counselors using their previous experience in the area of alcohol and drug abuse issues. In the following are listed some of the members of the professional team at the New Life House rehabilitation center. For more information on the topic of New Life House’s professional team, feel free to contact the staff via phone.

Michael Joly – Executive Director

Michael Joly has served and continues to serve as the executive director at the New Life House for over 22 years now. He is also working as a Chief Operating Officer at the Neuro Wellness Spa and as a Chief Executive Officer at the Clear Recovery Center.
Other New Life Staff:

  • Garrett Eamer – House Director
  • Sebastian Martin – House Director

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