Maynords Recovery Center, Tuolumne, California

Maynords Recovery Center
19325 Cherokee Rd
Tuolumne, CA, 95379

Named after its founders – Joan and late Bob Maynord, Maynords Recovery Center has lead the way of substance abuse and addiction treatment services for 36 years. This rehab center’s 22-acre ranch is located near Yosemite National Forest. This is a family-owned operation, and the entire business has kept a family approach, full of understanding and care.

Maynords Recovery Center: Treatment, Programs, and Staff

Detoxification is a part of the Maynords treatment, and the detox center provides a living environment accompanied with many amenities which alleviate the entire process. During the detox, the clients reside in nicely decorated rooms and enjoy services of a private cook. The clinical staff is available throughout the day and provides 12-step meetings during the night. Counselors work with clients on developing a treatment plan which will include further steps in their recovery through residential program.

The average stay is about 28 days, built on a traditional mixture of group and individual therapy. Residents are requested to attend six 12-step meetings per week, in the premises as well as in the community.

During the stay, residents also attend courses in stress management and relapse prevention.

For those who wish to continue their treatment after completing their primary treatment program, there is sober living. This option is also intended for those who are involved in outpatient treatment program or psychotherapy. Therapy, treatment and formal counseling are not part of Maynords’ sober living routine. Sober living encourages clients to take responsibility for their own actions, and helps them in learning techniques that will help them handle inevitable stress. Clients enrolled in sober living are transferred to Dove Ridge or Sunshine Inn – sober living facilities. The requirements are different for both facilities, so clients should contact the living manager regarding which house suits them better.

Maynords’ 30-member staff includes certified addiction counselors and on-site medical staff, with around the clock oversight. Since this is a family business, the founder couple’s son is serving as the program director and their two daughters also work on-site.

Maynords Recovery Center: Facilities and Extras

Only one hour away from Yosemite National Park, in the foothills of Sonora in California, lies Maynords Recovery Center. The landscape is truly beautiful and appealing to everyone.

Rooms are shared between four and five residents, and each has a bathroom with a shower. Residents also get their own dresser and closet space.

Meals are home-cooked, from A to Z, including bread and pastries. Every day of the month is reserved for a different meal, each balanced and nutritious. Only non-caffeinated coffee is served on site.

Walking trails are available for clients to take hikes, and the sand court provides the welcome opportunity to play volleyball, practice jump shot, throw horseshoes or play ping pong. For those who like gym, there is an exercise room with free weights and a few exercise machines.

There are no outside excursions. There are, however, weekly off-site AA meetings.

Based on their personal experience, Maynord family recognizes the importance of family support in overcoming the addiction. The family program at Maynords Recovery Center is specifically designed for special needs of parents, family members, and significant others, and covers a variety of topics and issues: understanding addiction and recovery, the role of family in the healing process, codependency and interdependency, etc.

Maynords Recovery Center also offers a four-week intensive family program. By attending this program on Sundays from 9 to 5pm, clients and their loved ones learn how to resolve conflicts in their relationships and strengthen the whole family system. This is an open-ended program which starts with the primary counselor setting up the initial family program.

A one-time free massage is offered to residents when they arrive to Maynords. Additionally, massage therapy is also available for a reasonable extra fee.

Rules and Regulation at Maynords Recovery Center

The admission process begins with a phone call, during which the staff and clients discuss the expectations from the program, what a typical day looks like, what to bring to the center, etc. This conversation also helps in determining whether detox is needed or not.

Maynords Recovery Center’s cost is $7.990 for 28 days, if paying with cash. Rates vary depending on the provider. Maynords staff also helps in verifying the client’s eligibility for insurance coverage over the phone. Medi-Cal, Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted, nor are personal Checks.

Some of the items from “what to bring” list, include sunscreen, insect repellent, grooming supplies, laundry detergent, etc. Vitamins or dietary supplements are allowed only with a medical prescription. Fragrances of any kind, beddings, as well as food and drinks are not allowed. Clients are asked to limit the amount of clothing and supplies, as storage is limited.


Many recovery facilities try to create a homelike atmosphere and mimic family support. Maynords Recovery Center successfully and honestly manages to do so. Clients enjoy in home-made meals, insulated environment and plenty of family activities. Maynords’ staff fosters inward strength of its clients, and prepares them for future challenges.

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Maynords Recovery Center

19325 Cherokee Rd

Tuolumne, CA 95379



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