Alpha Project: Casa Raphael, Vista, California

Vista, California
975 Postal Way
Vista, CA, 92083

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Overview

Alpha Project is a treatment facility that primarily specializes in providing male patients with services that will help them through recovery. They have a range of treatment solutions available in order to assist with addictions, with the Casa Raphael program being a residential treatment service that takes men throughout the entire journey from addict all the way toward a sober lifestyle.
Patients who qualify for the Alpha Project: Casa Raphael program will stay at the treatment facility for up to 90 days in total in order to help them on the road to lifelong recovery, instead of providing the male patient with a temporary solution that helps them ward of drugs and alcohol for a short period of time. All treatments are based on intensive therapeutic strategies to ensure the patient can also be educated on addictions while they are recovering from their own substance abuse problems.

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Housing

All patients who need to undergo residential treatment when they come to this facility for support will be housed in the Alpha Project: Casa Raphael house. The house features a dorm-style interior, where two patients are placed in every room. Each room is relatively spacious and fitted with two comfortable beds to ensure patients are able to get a good night’s sleep while they are in recovery. Communal bathrooms are available at the facility as well, which are shared by the patients.

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Treatment Options

Alpha Project has grown into a relatively large group of facilities that work together to provide men with treatment options that all help them recover from active substance abuse disorders. The treatment services that men are offered when they come to Alpha Project: Casa Raphael is all based on residential care, which means the patient will stay at the facility during while they are being supported through their journey toward recovery.
In addition to the residential treatment plans, the company also offers the following treatments and services:

  • Homeless Outreach Programs
  • Temporary Bridge Shelter
  • Rapid Rehousing Program
  • Hospice For The Homeless Program
  • Transitional Employment
  • Home Finder Program

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Therapies Provided

Therapy is the main component in the residential treatment programs that men are introduced to when they come to the Alpha Project: Casa Raphael facility for support with the addictions that they are struggling with. Patients will undergo multiple sessions with a single therapist in one-on-one sessions to help them address mental issues, as well as their addictions. There are also 12-step group meetings held frequently to further assist in the recovery of all the patients being treated.

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Payment Options

Payment at Alpha Project: Casa Raphael is determined based on a sliding-scale system, as the patient’s unique circumstances are taken into account before the facility decides how much they should ideally pay for treatment. No details are provided regarding the possibility of undergoing treatment through an active health insurance policy.

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Accreditations

No details have been shared regarding accreditations that the Alpha Project company holds from associations or national bodies within the United States. We are also unable to determine if the state-based departments and authorities have provided the company with licenses for the services they offer.

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Amenities

All of the patients being treated at Alpha Project: Casa Raphael will be provided with three meals per day, with meals features pasta dishes, meat dishes, soup, and other nutritious meals. In addition to the meals, other amenities are also available to patients, including closet space and storage space for their personal items during their stay at the facility. The patients will also be provided access to a recreational room, where they can socialize, as well as enjoy cable TV.

Alpha Project: Casa Raphael Staff

Alpha Project is dedicated toward the recovery of their patients, and they understand how difficult it may be for some people to come forward and face up to their addictions. The patients may feel insecure and even embarrassed, but they still deserve to know that by coming to the center, they will be placed into the care of highly professional staff members who do not only truly care about their recovery, but also holds appropriate licenses with state authorities, along with the right qualifications, to ensure the services that are provided to the patient are effective and targeted.
The company does not share a list of the treatment team’s staff members on their website, but they do offer a basic overview of their executive staff team. With this information, patients will at least be able to know about the staff members who are overseeing the operations of the center and the programs that are available.

Amy Gonyeau
Chief Operating Officer

Amy is in charge of ensuring all services provided to patients at the facility has been thoroughly reviewed and to ensure the quality of all programs. She is also responsible for the supervision of the medical staff members at the facility.

Kyla Winters
Chief Development Officer

Kyla is currently acting as a volunteer at Alpha Project and helps to develop advocacy policies, mentorship programs, funding sources, and more.

Jan Norby
Chief Financial Officer

Jan is responsible for ensuring the compliance of financial audits and contracts at the facility, as well as for the management of accounting, payroll, the monitoring of the facility’s budget, and their financial reporting.

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