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Jaywalker Lodge Overview

Jaywalker Lodge provides male patients access to a range of treatment options that can all be tailored to assist them in overcoming an addiction that they are suffering from. The programs offered at the center are divided into multiple sections, with both residential care solutions and outpatient services provided to patients. The center goes the extra mile by ensuring that every patient is individually assessed and a program is developed that caters to their specific needs.
In addition to providing treatment services that directly address the patient’s substance abuse problems, the facility also focuses on helping patients get fit and to ensure all patients can stay motivated while they are being treated for their addictions. In addition to treating addictions, Jaywalker Lodge is also able to address co-occurring mental health disorders that patients may exhibit during their initial visit to the center, where they will be provided consultation with a highly skilled counselor involved in the admissions process of new patients.

Jaywalker Lodge Housing

While Jaywalker Lodge does offer a couple of outpatient services, they have a large focus on helping patients get better and heal from their substance abuse disorders through inpatient and residential treatment programs. Patients who are admitted to a residential program will be housed in a resort that is located in a mountain area, ensuring patients are exposed to nature during their treatment instead of being faced with signals that may trigger a relapse to drugs or alcohol.

Jaywalker Lodge Treatment Options

Treatment at Jaywalker Lodge is mostly divided into multiple parts in order to take the patient through an entire journey toward recovery. The initial treatment phase usually lasts about 21 days, but further treatment is needed, which means the patient would often have to stay at the facility for more than 90 days.
Treatment programs and options that a patient may be provided with at the facility, depending on their condition and the symptoms they are presenting during their consultation with a counselor, include:

  • The Landing program, which is an initiation phase for addiction recovery
  • The Lodge, which is a residential program for male patients
  • Solutions, a transitional living program

Outpatient services are also offered to some patients who come to Jaywalker Lodge.

Jaywalker Lodge Therapies Provided

Individual therapy is the most important part of the treatment programs that patients are provided access to when they are admitted to Jaywalker Lodge. Additionally, 12-step program therapy options are also provided, along with additional group therapy solutions.

Jaywalker Lodge Payment Options

Jaywalker Lodge is able to assist patients who are insured with the majority of private medical insurance providers in the United States. The patient needs to verify their insurance benefits before being admitted to a program at the facility. In cases where the patient is not insured, they can discuss their payment options with a financial counselor at Jaywalker Lodge.

Jaywalker Lodge Accreditations

Jaywalker Lodge has been accredited for the treatment services they offer their patients by the Joint Commission. The association has provided them with a National Quality Approval seal, which means all of the company’s services were analyzed and reviewed, as well as approved by the commission. In addition to this accreditation, it should also be noted that Jaywalker Lodge is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Jaywalker Lodge Amenities

Patients will be served three meals a day, prepared by an in-house chef that is highly trained and experienced. All of the meals that are served to patients will be prepared in a healthy way. Patients are provided with access to several recreational activities, including a television. Mobile devices and computers are not allowed at the facility, however.

Jaywalker Lodge Staff

At Jaywalker Lodge, the team of professionals that are involved in running the company and managing the treatment programs that are offered to their patients dedicate their time to ensure patients are only provided with top-quality care services. The company is also proud of the staff members that are part of their treatment services and the company itself, which is why the company has released a full list of the executive staff, clinical staff, and other members that are part of the Jaywalker Lodge facility. This ensures patients can get a better overview of what they should expect from this company and the services that they offer individuals who are coming to them for help in overcoming the addictions that they have succumbed to.

Bob Ferguson – Founder

Bob Ferguson has served at a number of treatment facilities in the past, including Promises Malibu and Crossroads Antigua, before coming to Jaywalker Lodge. He is also a Board of Director at a number of organizations, including the Colorado Advocates for Recovery and the Valley Partnership for Drug Prevention.

Stefan Bate (MA, LAC) – Chief of Clinical Operations

Stefan Bate is a graduate from the University of Denver, where he obtained a degree in Psychology. He also obtained a Master’s Degree from the Regis University. Stefan is a Licensed Addiction Counselor.

Dr. Alan Nelson (MD) – Medical Director

Dr. Alan Nelson is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, as well as the American Academy of Addiction. In addition to being part of the clinical team at Jaywalker Lodge, Dr. Alan also operates his own private practice, serving local clients in Aspen and Carbondale.

Marny Nedlin (Ph.D.) – Psychotherapist

Marny specializes in providing clinical services to couples, families, children, and individual patients. She has been operating her own private practice for more than two decades. Marny is a member of the Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Family & Marriage, as well as the American Psychological Association.

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