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Sober Solutions Overview

Sober Solutions is a relatively large organization that focuses on providing patients in the local regions access to affordable accommodation in sober living homes. These homes have been designed to ensure patients are not exposed to drugs and alcohol while they are in recovery. Patients need to be motivated to recover from their existing addictions in order to qualify for placement into one of the buildings that Sober Solutions own.
The primary purpose of these homes is to take patients who are in an early recovery phase and put them into an environment where they will receive the support that they need to stay motivated on their journey toward sobriety.

Sober Solutions Housing

Sober Solutions primarily focuses on providing the patients who come to them for support access to sober living homes, where they can reside while they are recovering from their drug or alcohol addictions. The organization currently owns 15 different houses throughout the area, where patients can come in order to stay in a place where they will not be faced with the temptation to relapse into a life where drugs and alcohol overpowers them, but instead introduces them to a life without these substances.
A total of 144 patients can be housed within the homes that Sober Solutions own. There are only three facilities that offer accommodation for female patients, while the rest are dedicated to offering sober living access to male patients who are going through a tough time due to a substance abuse disorder.

Sober Solutions Treatment Options

No specific treatment programs are offered to patients who decide to utilize the sober living homes offered to them by Sober Solutions. The company has not been registered to treat patients through specific procedures for the addictions that they might be suffering from. Clients will need to work during their stay, and they will be provided access to either one of two options, depending on their age:

  • Attendance of an Intensive Outpatient Program for adult patients
  • Attendance of school for adolescent patients

Sober Solutions Therapies Provided

No specific types of therapeutic solutions are offered by Sober Solutions directly, but they do offer patients access to an Intensive Outpatient Program, along with group meetings. These programs primarily take advantage of the 12-step recovery system to help the patients who come to the facility to recover from their addictions and live a sober life.

Sober Solutions Payment Options

Patients are responsible for paying an initial admissions fee before they will be provided access to the sober living programs that Sober Solutions are able to offer them. The admissions fee is $250, which is usually payable when the patient comes to the organization for placement into one of their sober living homes.
In addition to paying an admissions fee prior to the utilization of the facility’s accommodation features, the patient will also need to pay a monthly rental fee in order to continue staying at Sober Solutions and to ensure they can continue to be exposed to a sober living environment. The average monthly fee charged to patients is $612. Patients might be able to apply for special rates if their circumstances do not allow them to afford to pay for their own monthly rent.

Sober Solutions Accreditations

There is no information provided regarding any type of licenses that the local departments of the Connecticut state have issued Sober Solutions. It also does not seem like their services have been reviewed or accredited by national bodies within the United States, such as the popular Joint Commission. For many patients, this might be an inconvenience, but it is still important to take into account the fact that the company does not focus on providing patients access to highly specialized treatment services, but rather offer the patients access to a sober living environment.

Sober Solutions Amenities

Even though Sober Solutions are an affordable way for patients to recover in a sober living environment, the company still goes the extra mile to help patients who reside in one of their facilities feel more at home and comfortable during their stay. The facility allows each patient to park a single vehicle that is legally registered and appropriately insured on their property.
There are also fully fitted kitchens within each of the buildings. Patients need to buy their own groceries and have to pay an additional $6 per week, which is considered a “house supply fee”. Laundry facilities are also provided to the patients who stay at Sober Solutions, along with cable TV and access to wireless internet facilities.

Sober Solutions Staff

The information provided on the official website that represents the Sober Solutions organization is quite limited, and there are no mentions of any staff members that are involved within the facility. Patients should, however, note that the center is not approved to provide actual treatment solutions to their patients; thus there might not be any licensed or qualified therapist to offer the patients assistance in the recovery of their addictions or any co-occurring disorders that they might be suffering from.
The company does offer peer support programs, and there might be a number of staff members active at the buildings owned by Sober Solutions to provide the patient with support during their time at the facility. Patients who are interested in knowing more about how the facility operates in terms of staff members and the possibility of undergoing therapy while residing in one of their sober living buildings should contact them directly.

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